BookTubers: Katytastic

Hi Everyone,

Booktube houses some great bookish channels and I feel it appropriate to give this one a special mention. Kat who owns the channel does not read the same books as I do at all (normally YA books – which I just cannot seem to enjoy) but her energy keeps me engaged.

Not only does she have a great knowledge of authors, NaNoWriMo and anything Korea related Kat is also very honest. Her reviews can be trusted as can her no nonsense take on other book industry issues. Her favourite video of mine is the Bookish Pet Peeves Tag (which you should look forĀ  my version in my blog very soon!). WordPress is saying I can include a YouTube video – hopefully this works!

Do you love Booktube? Who are your favourite Tubers?


Thinking About Starting A Vlog…

I have recently been considering a vlog, it would run alongside the blog and be very similar, but just one video a week as I don’t have time for multiple vlogs a week. Would this be something you guys would be interested in?

It would contain books, beauty and rants (basically my two blogs combined), I could also do with some hints as I know something quite a few bloggers do.

Any hints or tips for a grumpy young woman?

Review Mark Crilley On Youtube….Can you Teach Me How To Draw?

Throughout my life I have loved to draw, sadly it is never something I have been very good at. I was looking at video lessons on youtube and decided to complete this one.
I took a lesson to draw a realistic eye. The video is available here.
And here’s my eye, I am really impressed. This video had ten millions views and it isn’t hard to see why. He spoke very clearly and didn’t cover his work with his hands (some how to draw artists have a tendancy to do that) and it was also very easy to stop the video at points and see exactly where he was up to. Great work!

Compare my finished eye to what you can see on the video and tell me what you think.