Snow Causing Problems!

After having to go home before lunch yesterday I have now woken up to similar problems due to the snow. Why can’t we function like Canada? A foot of snow and the world has to stop. I’m sure I will be back at work Monday.

Being tapped though does give me some extra time to schedule blogs and even do some writing, which somehow I have managed to avoid for a number or weeks.

And also drink far too much tea!

Somebody Really Smells at Work What Do I Do?

There is somebody at work who smells really bad, it isn’t as if he’s just a bit sweaty he smells as if he’s wearing dirty underwear. He also looks physically dirty all the time aswell. This makes work quite uncomfortable but as it is quite a sensitive issue I don’t know what to do. In my mind there is no excuse for this as we are all adults, should I talk to a manager if so what could they do?

Huge Compliments for Me Today….

I am being upskilled at work! This great, it means I can aim for a pay rise or even moving to a different department all together. There is probably only so long I can answer phones for.

In training today we had to write a rap/poem about a product and we had ten minutes to do it and everyone was really impressed. Yay! It really was just something I pulled out of mid air but to have someone compliment anything I write is a huge deal.


No Posts Yesterday…

Ok so last week I was a bit lax about blogging I went two days without writing any! I was very busy with work and was also feeling a bit rubbish so didn’t get the chance. Today I am houseband feeling particualry unwell with a bad stomach. Althoug blogs are going to take me quite a while I plan to get some out today. So please bare with me.