Toliet Paper in Public Loos…

Why is it so bad?   In the ones owned by the council I can possibly understand it, they are short of money right now,  but ones in shops? They have the money to pay for something half decent.

And the toilets that you have to pay 30p to use? There is certainly no excuse that 30p could buy a whole toilet roll of good paper.

Sort this out. It is not good for one’s bottom.


No Toilets at a Manned Busy Train Station…

Arriving at the train seconds with thirty seconds spare (and needing a wee) I thought no need to worry the station I’m training at has toilets. Only to discover they are ALL under refurbishment, I could understand this if it was a small station, but dozens are trains arrive to and depart from this station every hour.
When I asked I was told I could go to the leisure centre well no I might miss my connection. So here I am bursting for the toilet and very annoyed.