Book Review… Blood Stream by Tess Gerritsen


Claire and her son Noah moved to Tranquillity from Baltimore hoping to get away from demons of the past. At first everything seems ok but then the town’s teenagers start filling with rage and people are killed at school shootings and children killing their own mothers. As the town Doctor Claire wants to know what has caused this and with the help of the chief of police Lincoln will she be successful?

This read more like a Stephen than  a Gerritsen, which possibly explains why I was quite so addicted to it. This is reminiscent of Needful Things from the king of horror, both books I read in less than two days.

Some of the scenes in the book made me recoil in horror and pretty much every page effected me somehow. I still can’t believe this book was only £1. These books may not contain the famous Rizolli and Isles but I think this could possibly be one of her best works.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if you are not squeamish

Score: 5/5

Teaser Review.. Your Favourite Girl by Steph Sweeney


********EROTICA REVIEW ********************

As you guys all know I LOVE Steph Sweeney’s erotica my reviews are here and here.

I was really excited when I saw this £0.77 teaser on Amazon, as you can imagine it is part of a full book and mixes erotica, fantasy and possible thriller all in one. Melissa discovers that her husband has been cheating on her with an 18 year old girl and after they enjoy a number of threesomes she decides to look through his stuff to find evidence of other girls and that’s when she finds the card for your favourite girl inc and decides to take a trip down to the basement under the jewellery store and that’s where she discovers flora..

I can’t do a full review as I haven’t read the whole book, but what I’ve read so far i have enjoyed. It has been quite a strange story but that has added to the erotica giving it a different dimension, I only want to know where the rest is now!

A Experimental Piece of Writing…

During the course of writing my blog I have also read a lot of authors blogs and there are hundreds of other writers here. I have an idea that I think could be fun, we all take the same title and write a 500 word short story and see what comes out. I was thinking something really cliche to start with ‘invisable’ perhaps and if people enjoy it, we could go from there.

If this is something you may be interested in, please comment below with any ideas for titles you may have.

Book Finished…The Ladykiller by Martina Cole

George isn’t happy in his marriage or his life in general infact the only thing that keeps him happy is his secret magazines in the shed, but soon these aren’t enough for him. He starts to rape and kill young women.
Kate is the detective trying to solve the murders and she finds herself involved with one of the victim’s fathers who is a known (but unproved) villain.
This is the second book I have read by Martina Cole – the first one being The Know – and it was excellent. It was the first tree book that I have read in months and I loved it.

I enjoy books that are written from all different angles and this certainly was. There was a wealth of characters all very well described and links were very well explained.

This is the sort of dark, gritty fiction that I favour and although some scenes were quite hard to swallow , an example being George and his abusive mother it was a great flowing read.

It is obvious to see why Martina Cole is so well loved, thrillers are definitely her area of expertise, I did read recently that she has only written 17 books which, surprised me. This has encouraged me to read more of her books. Great Read:


Looking for Artists! Of any Kind!

I would love to feature some art – of any kind- in my blog.

The type of art I’m looking for include, but are not limited to:

  • Drawing, paintings, sketches, embroideries
  • Make up, both  beauty and face paints etc (also nail art)
  • Crafts
  • Songs, both written and recordings/ videos
  • Photographs
  • Stories, poems , and other pieces of writing
  • Cake decorations and other food creations

I will feature anything send to be and will put a direct link to any websites/ blogs/ social network pages etc.

If you are interested email me on:

My New Found Love for Scrivener….

As you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much the last couple of days, it’s because I’ve been pursuing a different type of writing and for that I’ve been using Scrivener. I love it.

This program sets everything out in a ready to send manuscript and it’s easy to keep track of all of the different chapters and scenes throughout the book. I even have a page for each character. This makes me even more exciting about writing than before. Use this, it makes things so much easier.

There is even support available on their website just type scrivener into google to find out more.


I’ve decided to Write Some More Stories…

After a couple of lovely comments about my first peice, I’ve decided to do some more. This means I will be reading less so I will be writing less reviews but there will still be some. Just not two a day anymore!

I would really appreciate any opinions on my work good or bad as it’s helpful. The next piece will be posted on the blog tomorrow (hopefully this time it goes out on time!) and you can all look at that.

Once agai n thanks for the support!