Erotica Author: Marc Stevens


Hi Everyone,

Today I will be talking about Erotica and although I will not be too graphic please do not continue reading if you are easily offended.

I have a love hate relationship with Erotica. I love to read it but I hate most of what is out there. I find most of the back stories to be terrible and the sex scenes to be incredibly cheesy. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find some work that is not fetish based, has good believable sex scenes and has a great back story to match. Well I have found an author – Marc Stevens. I tweet him so much and read his blog so often he probably thinks I am some sort of stalker but I just love his work.

The sex scenes although fantastical are also relatable and the idea of the Points Club in which the participants gain points by acting out others fantasies and spend points by others acting out theirs – means that we can get a real feel for the characters. For once they actually mean something!

There are currently six books out in the series with the seventh on its way very soon. My favourite was Candy’s Virgin – this book actually made me cry (with tears). These are short stories as you would expect but they pack a lot of punch.

What Erotica authors do you like and what are your Erotica Pet Peeves?



Book Review: The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino


I actually read this book a couple of months ago but after enjoying the follow up Salvation of a Saint I decided it was time to do a write up.

This is first piece of Japanese fiction that I have read and it actually part of the Detective Galileo Series and I believe this is actually book number four (but the first one to be translated) here is the Amazon summary:

Yasuko lives a quiet life, working in a Tokyo bento shop, a good mother to her only child. But when her ex-husband appears at her door without warning one day, her comfortable world is shattered.

When Detective Kusanagi of the Tokyo Police tries to piece together the events of that day, he finds himself confronted by the most puzzling, mysterious circumstances he has ever investigated. Nothing quite makes sense, and it will take a genius to understand the genius behind this particular crime…

This book has also been made into a film – but although I can read gory books like you wouldn’t believe I can’t stand to see it on screen!

When I started reading this book I was slightly worried that the different types of names used and the unfamiliar places would confuse me – but this was such a great read I hardly noticed.

Professor Yukawa is Kusanagi’s best friend who works as a ‘consultant’ to the police department and he gives great scientific insight to the reader adding an extra layer to the book.

The relationships between the characters are well written and I felt Yasuko’s fear when he eye husband showed up and the toll the following events took. I read this book in just one day and cannot wait for more of Higashino’s work. I do not want to include any spoiler but if you are looking for Steig Larsson type work go east you will not regret it.

NB: Since reading these two books I have been looking for my Japanese fiction and it is near impossible to find anything for the Kindle. Both Amazon and Waterstone’s so have a really good selection of paperbacks though.

Book Review… Blood Stream by Tess Gerritsen


Claire and her son Noah moved to Tranquillity from Baltimore hoping to get away from demons of the past. At first everything seems ok but then the town’s teenagers start filling with rage and people are killed at school shootings and children killing their own mothers. As the town Doctor Claire wants to know what has caused this and with the help of the chief of police Lincoln will she be successful?

This read more like a Stephen than  a Gerritsen, which possibly explains why I was quite so addicted to it. This is reminiscent of Needful Things from the king of horror, both books I read in less than two days.

Some of the scenes in the book made me recoil in horror and pretty much every page effected me somehow. I still can’t believe this book was only £1. These books may not contain the famous Rizolli and Isles but I think this could possibly be one of her best works.

Would I recommend it? Yes, if you are not squeamish

Score: 5/5

Buy Online… The Works

watch me die

I bought my three Erica Spindler books the reviews for two of them can be found here and here for three for £5 at The Works so I thought I’d check their online store out, and here’s what I have ordered.

  • Watch Me Die by Erica Spindler
  • Shocking Pink by Erica Spindler
  • Above Suspicion by Lynda La Plante

shocking pink

By now I class myself as a big Erica Spindler fan but I am really excited to read my first Lynda La Plante too, so hurry up the next few days!

lynda la plante

Teaser Review.. Your Favourite Girl by Steph Sweeney


********EROTICA REVIEW ********************

As you guys all know I LOVE Steph Sweeney’s erotica my reviews are here and here.

I was really excited when I saw this £0.77 teaser on Amazon, as you can imagine it is part of a full book and mixes erotica, fantasy and possible thriller all in one. Melissa discovers that her husband has been cheating on her with an 18 year old girl and after they enjoy a number of threesomes she decides to look through his stuff to find evidence of other girls and that’s when she finds the card for your favourite girl inc and decides to take a trip down to the basement under the jewellery store and that’s where she discovers flora..

I can’t do a full review as I haven’t read the whole book, but what I’ve read so far i have enjoyed. It has been quite a strange story but that has added to the erotica giving it a different dimension, I only want to know where the rest is now!

Book Review…Dead Run by Erica Spindler

dead run

Liz Ames receives a phone call telling her, her sister Rachel a pastor at a small town in Florida has gone missing.  Liz listens to her answer phone messages and there’s one from Rachel telling her about some illegal activity on the island but not giving much detail.  Liz decides tk move to Key West to investigate.  Not long after she moves there a young girl is murder and a bank manager commits suicide.
This is my second Erica Spindler book and Dead Run made me realise how much I love her writing style. At one stage I felt as if I was going crazy alongside Liz and did not know what to think. The character I really fell in love with was Carla the ‘meat and potatoes’ who eventually figured everything out. This book was just the right side of gory and definitely kept me interested.

Would I recommend this book? Yes
Score: 5/5

Book Review.. Unknown by Chris Martin


A couple of months ago I came across Chris Martin here on wordpress and bought his book The Stranger and adored this and reviewed it HERE.When I saw Rosie’s Review of Unknown I went and downloaded it and I loved it just as much (if not more) than The Stranger.

This about a man who wakes up in a fridge in a pizza parlour having now idea who is he, he walks out of the fridge to be attacked by the shop’s owner and if that isn’t bad enough some one else starts chasing him with a gun. He then runs and is tracked down again. He has no idea who he is, but feels all of this may have something to do with his brother..

As with The Stranger this was very well written, fast paced and full of twists and turns, Throughout the book I was engrossed and didn’t want to out it down, I had to know what happens next. I think there may be another part of the story that is yet to be written but I want it now!

Would I recommend this book? Yes

Score: 5/5