Playing With My Emotions… Nostalgia

If ever there was a book that made me appreciate a bygone era it would be Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Lara starts seeing her late and hearing her late Aunt Sadie, who pretty much ruins her life to try to get back a necklace and she refuses to rest until she finds it again. She also has strong view on fashion and principles and doesn’t understand why ‘everyone is walking around with blue legs’, she makes Lara wear various flapper girl outfits and follow many 1920s pursuits. At first she hates both Sadie and the activities but as the book goes on she soon falls in love with  both.

As a lover of black and white films and older times this story really entertained me, also is was fairly clear that Sophie Kinsella had done her research, and the book also has a bittersweet ending that made me cry my eyes out.

If you want to get into Sophie Kinsella miss out the tiresome shopaholic series and read her other stand alone books such as this or Remember Me?

twenties girl



Playing With My Emotions…Sadness/ Helplessness

The Second Husband by Louise Candlish

I read this book when I first started university on the 6am train to get  to an early lecture I spend a ridiculous amount of time in tears.
The second husband is about Kate a lady who is going through a bad divorce and also has two children a young boy and a teenage daughter called Roxy.
Then Davis moves in next door and he makes everything a bit better and so they marry.

Everything is perfect until she finds out he is actually is love with her daughter.
I remember reading that book and feeling the same emotions as if it actually happened to me.Kate not only feels betrayed by Roxy and Davis but also by herself, the signs were there all along after all. I even felt these emotions when I wasn’t reading the book.

I would feel kind of helpless especially when Davis runs away with Roxy to France and due to her age they can’t seemed to get her back all they can do is wait.

the second husband louise candlish


Playing With My Emotions… Determination

This isn’t actually in the tag but having a good think about it I decided it really ought to be, how many times have we, as readers, enjoyed a book and it’s made us really put our feet down about something?
The book you thing, yes, I can do this.

This book for me would be Jenny Tomlin’s Send Me No Flowers. I have actually written about this author before and I believe this book but, as cliché as it sounds, this did really change my life. I was in a bad relationship that I was only really staying in to prove a point but this book made me realised how bad things could get and the next week I was rid of him and most of the issues that went with it.
I would recommend this books to anyone in an abusive relationship (whether it be emotional or physical) it might just give you the push you need.
I won’t give away too much about this book, you really need to enjoy it.


New Tag I Will Be Doing!

After completed the 7 Deadly Sins of reading I have decided to complete another the playing with my emotion tag. You have to pick a book feel each of these emotions:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Comfort

So look over the next few days, but I would love some pointers from you guys first what would you choose?

pile of books