Reading Goals for 2014..

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Hi Everyone,

I know we still have a few days left of this year but I feel it is time to start focusing on my reading goals for the next one. This year I did a simple Goodreads reading challenge of 26 books and I currently stand and 66 books and over 24,000 pages this year. For 2014 I want to do something different. I want to take some more specific goals. Here are some that I have thought of so far:

  1. Read a non- fiction book cover to cover – I am terrible at reading non fiction. I may constantly be checking things out on the internet but I very rarely sit down with a book.
  2. Get to Book 18 in both the Kay Scarpetta and the Jack Reacher series – I am so behind with both of these I have just finished book five for Scarpetta and book seven for Reacher. Being so behind means that I can’t really discuss these series with people as they give too much away!
  3. Find another horror author – I am open to suggestions here. I currently read quite a lot of Stephen King and just as much by James Herbert and not much else in this genre. I want to have more to talk about!
  4. Read  a book outside my comfort zone – This may be a fantasy or sci-fi or even a YA novel.
  5. Read a graphic novel – How have I got to 22 and not read one?


So that’s my list on top of this I will also put a reading challenge of 30 on Goodreads – this is a goal that I feel is easily accomplished. What are your reading goals for 2014? Let me know.


The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell

body farm

Hi Everyone,

So yes I finally got a little further along with Kay Scarpetta Series and I am here to review the fifth book in the series. When we join the series Kay appears to be only a year older but Lucy has just turned 21. I did read somewhere that she doesn’t age quite the way she should but hey why shouldn’t Cornwell take some artistic license?

This time Kay is working on the case of a child murder in a small town called Black Mountain. There are certain similarities between this case, and the case of a young boy find dead with bites taken from him. There is also a grieving mother who has lost a child before and also a husband who Marino falls quite easily in love with. His attitude also suddenly changes and he becomes something of a problem. Kay’s niece Lucy is now interning at the FBI in Quantico and having problems of her own. Alongside her own love affair and her forever terrible relationship with her mother and sister will she be able to cope and solve this one?

As always I enjoyed this book this is truly a great series with a great set of characters that all pull together well. Lucy is going through an almost rebellious and totally private time in her life – which is probably very accurate for a 21 year old – and we see a bit more from her mother Dorothy than we have in other books.

When we find  out who killed poor Emily it isn’t a surprise as Kay figured it out two chapters before, but the fact the explanation was hidden behind a possible mental illness doesn’t really work for me. There is also a caretaker in the book who we are made to believe may be some sort of peadophile, but again some of his actions are not clearly explained. I know not everybody wants a totally wants chapter and verse when it comes to the ‘why’ but this is partly why I love crime novels.

This was still a great book and I will continue to read the series but it felt that maybe this was not quite on the same level as the others.

Format: Kindle for me!

Approx Pages: 400

Goodreads Rating: 3.98 (I gave it a 4)

Recent Kindle Purchases!


Hi Everyone,

If you have been reading my blog for a while (or before I had my huge break from blogging atleast) you will know I own a Kindle. You will also know that I love said Kindle. Books are normally half the price on the Kindle as they are in print and so I buy twice as many. Here are some of my recent purchases:

  • The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell – I started reading the Kay Scarpetta series at the beginning of this year but have been so distracted by other books that I have only just bought the fifth installment. One of my reading goals (which I will complete in a future post) is to read the 18 books currently available in this series by the end of next year.
  • The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes – I have seen this around book shops and on Railway Station posters for ages and I have always been intrigued. Well I am currently reading it and have to say so far, so good. She had written three other books that look like these could possibly be for me too. They all appear to be urban fantasy novels.
  • 1st to Die by James Patterson – Considering I love crime books the fact that I have yet to read a James Patterson novel is almost ridiculous. He has so many titles and I really need to start on them. This book is part of the Women’s Murder Club series and it seems there are lots more available. Also look out for Patterson in the Castle TV Series.

And one I am tempted but haven’t bought yet…

Heat Wave by Richard Castle – Now as you may have been able to guess I am a huge Castle fan. I just love Crime Shows! This book is a spin off and the producers actually hired someone to write this. I have read the first couple of pages and I am not too impressed and as this is currently £5.46 on the Kindle I remain unsure.

Book Review… Postmortem by Patrica Cornwell


As previously mentioned this is the first book I have read by the author and it certainly won’t be the last. This was the first in the Scarpetta series,which is now huge and one can certainly tell it’s from the early 90s. The computer systems described are old and the youth of DNA use is also evident.

The book revolves around a strangler who is killing women believes live on their own, there is also a commissioner who is trying to sabotage  Dr Kay Scarpetta’s career. She also has some concerns regarding Bill Boltz the colleague she is seeing personally.

This book is so clever throughout the majority of it the reader can just not see the connection and I felt the frustration of the detectives. Once I finished this book I actually felt a bit of a chill and could not stop thinking about it.

I think this book will stick with me for a while and I can’t wait to read another one.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Rating 5/5