Recent Kindle Purchases!


Hi Everyone,

If you have been reading my blog for a while (or before I had my huge break from blogging atleast) you will know I own a Kindle. You will also know that I love said Kindle. Books are normally half the price on the Kindle as they are in print and so I buy twice as many. Here are some of my recent purchases:

  • The Body Farm by Patricia Cornwell – I started reading the Kay Scarpetta series at the beginning of this year but have been so distracted by other books that I have only just bought the fifth installment. One of my reading goals (which I will complete in a future post) is to read the 18 books currently available in this series by the end of next year.
  • The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes – I have seen this around book shops and on Railway Station posters for ages and I have always been intrigued. Well I am currently reading it and have to say so far, so good. She had written three other books that look like these could possibly be for me too. They all appear to be urban fantasy novels.
  • 1st to Die by James Patterson – Considering I love crime books the fact that I have yet to read a James Patterson novel is almost ridiculous. He has so many titles and I really need to start on them. This book is part of the Women’s Murder Club series and it seems there are lots more available. Also look out for Patterson in the Castle TV Series.

And one I am tempted but haven’t bought yet…

Heat Wave by Richard Castle РNow as you may have been able to guess I am a huge Castle fan. I just love Crime Shows! This book is a spin off and the producers actually hired someone to write this. I have read the first couple of pages and I am not too impressed and as this is currently £5.46 on the Kindle I remain unsure.


Book Finished…Mammy Walsh’s A-Z of the Walsh Family

This book is basically Mammy Walsh’s side of the story if you have read anything by Marian Keyes before, you will be aware of the Walsh girls. Each books follows one of the sister’s escapades, and although a series they also work very well as stand alone books. Mammy Walsh goes through all of the family sayings and some of the things that have happened to them without going into enough detail that it would ruin the other books if you read this first. This is e-book only.

This is by far one of the funniest books I have ever read. From her love for one direction¬† and Michael Buble to her discussing what they now do on the ‘facebooks’, this is hilarious. I have been waiting for Marian’s new book for a couple of years and honestly forgot what a funny writer she was. The description of G-Strings made me laugh so loud on the train people were looking at me .

For £1.99 this was also a great bargain from a great author.

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