Book Finished…The Stranger (A Novella) by Chris Martin

There was a tragedy in Seal Bay eight years ago and the man responsible, Lance Puckett has returned to town, and Dillion a local business owner and recovering alcoholic is terrified. To the point where he has to go and see him and they meet at a local cafe. Lance tries to kill him and a number of other people within the cafe before forcing Dillion into a car and driving him miles out of town…

This was so well written, I literally couldn’t put it down! Dillion seemed to be genuinely tortured by the return if this man the relationship with his sponsor Jimmy and Jimmy’s sister Dena are well written. The friendship is very obvious, I do not want to spoil this piece for anyonebut there is a massive twist at the end that I don’t think anybody would expect. I actually found myself reading a couple of paragraphs three or four times to make sure I got it right!

Although this story was quite dark the writing flowed easily and it seemed almost effortless. New and newish authors tend to overload work with too many metaphors or too big words, but this book spoke of a confidence that didn’t require ths.

This book was 77p so also very cheap and I would have paid three times that price. Read Chris Martin’s work he has lots to offer the literary world, and I wish him all the success.

I would give The Stranger:


Interview With Author of Awaiting Simplicity Kimberley Warren

So I put a few questions forward and this is what I got I found out she has weakness for Marian Keyes, enjoys the odd modern classic and also isn’t too keen on the mainstream. Read on to find out more….

1)      Whos is your favourite author and why?

Marion Keyes – I know I should say some author who has made a great difference to the world of literature, but I read for escapism, I like happy stories, full to the brim with Clichés and make me laugh out loud. Marian Keyes ticks all of these boxes for me!!

2) And your five favourite books?

J.K Rowling – Harry Potter – I cannot decide on one, I love them all. I have been reading them since I was 11 years Old, I have grown up with the characters and fall in love with them everytime i re read them! I love these books for many reasons, its a constant reminder of my childhood and depicts adepth of friendship that one could only hope to find in real life!

Marion Keyes  This Charming man – Its a delightful easy to read indulgence. I have read it a few times and always laugh the whole way through!

Sir Authur Conan Doyle – A study in Scarlett – It’s a beautifully written story that has aged well and is still relevant and understood by todays readers even though it was written  in 1887!

Louisa Alcott – Little Women – Each time I read this I feel a little bit guilty for my completely materialistic attitudes and it always makes me want to do something good in the world. If you ask me, that’s what a great story should do.  Evoke an emotion that makes you change for the better.

Harper Lee- To Kill a Mocking Bird – I studied this book in GCSE English and I’m so glad for this. If I had not been taught how to analyse a book I would have missed all the underlying messages and beautiful symbolism this book holds and that would have been a tragedy!

3) what inspired you to write the story?

I was thinking about how people try to stay in completely incompatible relationships. I started to think what would attract me to a man that may not necessarily be a good personality trait and I came up with talent. A man that is so intelligent and so engrossed in his art that he no longer lives in the real world.
4) e-reader or print?

Print, ive never used a kindle or anything …..yet! I can see the benefit of them though!

5) So what is your pet peeve and why?

People who only watch, read or listen to what ever everybody else is. I know this a perfectly acceptable thing to do, but it bothers me, because I know what they are all missing out on! Put the blockbusters down and dip your nose into something extraordinary.  Everyone loves a hit (all the books I have mentioned are well known) But just don’t refuse to try something new!!!

Book Finished…The Dark Proposal By Megan Cashman

The books follows Claire a girl who has just finished university and is starting a career in freelance journalism, sadly she isn’t doing too well.
One day a gorgeous -but slightly strange- professor comes into the university office where she works part time. They get chatting and he agrees to help her with her freelancing. Her fortunes instantly change.
They end up dating and pretty soon she falls in love with him. A few months in he asks her to be his companion and she discovers he is a vampire.

I NEVER read vampire books this is actually my first one. But I think I want the next instalment already! This wasn’t the usual no garlic, stake through heart vampire book, Ms Cashman creates her own type of vampire.

There is also a really good background story. She writes in real depth how vampires began and it is totally her own.

In some ways the book rings of Fifty Shades of Grey, but how Fifty Shades of Grey SHOULD be written.
Something I really appreciated was the warning that came with the story indicating sex scenes and language. You never get this with books and think this practice should be used by all authors.
There was one tiny problem and that was, the few typos throughout the story. But you know what? I’ve seen typos in Stephen King books and he’s been writing for decades.

Due to this little niggle I feel I can’t give this book full marks but I think 4.5 would be too low. So for this one I’ve changed the marking scheme:
Put Fifty Shades down and read The Dark Proposal you won’t regret it.

This book cost £2.56, which I thought was about right but maybe she could charge a bit more for the next one?

Book Finished…Breakfast at the Laundromat by Smoky Trudeau Zeidel

This short story starts with a man in a laundromat who began thoroughly confused, he has no idea how to work the washing machine.
A hand comes out of nowhere and shows him what button to push they get talking and ending up sharing and coffee and an odd combination of food.
I found the author simply by one of her blog posts and as I’d enjoyed reading that I decided to purchase this.
First of all it’s the perfect length other authors might have been tempted to add more and make a novel but this was always meant to be a short story.
Throughout the pages I could see them sitting together eating and chatting away and could understand why he was becoming so enchanted.
This ‘book’ was only 77p making it an absolute bargain this is the type of story I could read again and again.
I would love to read more. Lighthearted, slightly comedic love story.
I will rate this book: