A Post About Sexy Older Men…

Ever since I was old enough to like boys I have had a thing for older actors, musicians etc. There is nothing nicer on a man than the odd wrinkle or a bit of grey in their hair. So after a conversation at work about Liam Neeson yesterday who is now 60 here is my list of my top five over 40s.

5) Jared Leto – Born on boxing day 1971 he is just about allowed on this list by a few months. He is the front man of band 30 seconds to Mars and is also a successful actor starring in a number of films and TV shows. The first time I ever noticed him I was 13 and reading Kerrang magazine. Even when I heard that he once kissed Paris Hilton I was not put off.

What do you think?

4) Phillip Scholfield is 50 years old and any self respecting Brit will know of him, at 5ft 9 he may be quite short for a man, but that’s fine I’m quite a bit shorter. Known as the silver fox he is orginally from Oldham making him a northerner too! He has been on TV my entire life and I have enjoyed him for most of that time.

Here he is…

3) Ewan McGregor, if you haven’t heard of him where have you been? He is 41 years old and Scottish a great combination. He has also been a love of mine for most my life, with piercing blue eyes and a head of ginger hair he may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he sure looks great in a set of leathers. He has also been happily married for 17 years making him even more attractive.

Do you agree with me?

2) Robert Downey Jr. This may be considered a bit of an odd choice but I think he is gorgeous. He has a very bad reputation for his previous bad boy antics, but that makes him all the more attractive. He is an amazing actor and is so charismatic in interviews. All of the others in this list I noticed in my early teens but this one was  a late developer. I was 20 when I realised how hot is he is!


1) Billie-Joe Armstrong – This guy has been my first love since I was 12, not only is he gorgeous he is extremely talented. His recent problems have caused him to take a break in rehab, but it is obvious he will soon come through. He turned 40 this year and has been married to his childhood sweetheart for 18 years. I remember being 13 and finding out he was married – I was gutted. Greenday remain one of my favourite bands to this day despite the fact their posters aren’t covering my walls anymore.




Film Review… The Nanny

Joey Fane is coming back from two years in an institution, he is only ten years old and full of hatred for his supposedly loving nanny. He was sent away due to believed part in his sister’s death and because he refuses to eat or sleep. At first he seems extremely paranoid why would this mild mannered, devoted lady (play by the legendary Bette Davis) want to harm anybody?

But odd things are happening around the house and surely the balme can’t lie entirely at the feet of a ten year old?

This is another film from my beloved silver screen from 1965 and by the amazing Hammer Studios, a company that although went bust a number of years ago has since been bought by a European company who plan to release more films.

There was great acting here throughout particularly by William Dix who played the young boy. I would reccommend this to anyone who likes horror, but doesn’t care for bloodshed or over complication.


Film Review.. Woman on the Run

Frank witnesses a mob hit and when the police try to put him into police protection he scares and runs away. When the detectives go to ask his wife Eleanor about his life she knows very little about him. Eleanor is soon approached by a reporter who offers her a good sum for the story and he helps her to find Frank, however he is not what he seems.

I am a huge film noir fan and this was another classic from the era, a film relying on the story alone and  not special effects. I had never heard of any of the cast but I was very impressed with the performances.

When I bought this DVD a couple of months ago it was £4.99 which I thought to be quite a good deal and as this forms part of a film noir collection I will now look at buying some more. I also thought Ann Sheridan who played Eleanor was not only beautiful but very talented and I hope to see some more of her films.

Made in 1950 this is an excellent example of what cinema was doing back then: