My To-Read List!

We all have them – a huge pile of books (or a large folder of them on your kindle) that we need to get to and here are mine:

  1. Doctor Sleep – for those that don’t know this is Stephen King’s follow on to the shining he explained in a recent interview that he always wanted to know what happened to the young boy years after the event. Well we are about to find out.
  2. Necessary Women and The Mean Time – These are two of Karin Slaughter’s short stories. Every single on available for order or pre-order I own I have found these stories to be interesting, engaging and very different to what we would normally expect from this amazing author.
  3. The rest of the Jack Reacher Series- I read somewhere that one of these books is meant to be bought every four seconds, no wonder these are outstanding! I have just finished book seven and cannot wait to continue.

doctor sleep

Thanks for reading what’s on your to read list? Tell me in the comments below.


Book Review…Copy Cat by Erica Spindler

For Fans of: Karin Slaughter, Richard Montanari

This was the first book I had read by Spindler and although I felt it at times to be a little complex with a few too many characters,  but thus aside I did enjoy it.
The plot focused on Kitt Lungdren a disgraced police officer who had just returned to work after a recovering from alcoholism.
Her old nemesis SAK (the silent angel killer) is back and she is forced on the case. There are so few clues and even fewer links.
There is another woman on the case MC and she is cold and distant she also has an intense dislike for Kitt and her past.  Will they catch the SAK before it’s too late?
Spindler’s writing style us very similar to Richard Montanari with all the usual twists and turns I would expect but at times I felt a little bored by the book and with so many characters I didn’t know who was who at times and some felt a little unnecessary.

Would I recommend this? Yes
Score 4/5


Book Finished…Fallen by Karin Slaughter

After writing a review on this author a couple of days ago I decided to read another one of her books and that’s what led me to Fallen. This an ‘Agent Will Trent’ book who is one of her commonly used characters and starts with his partner Faith coming home from work to find her baby locked in the shed and her mother missing.

The house is covered in blood and she finds two young men in the upstairs bedroom she ends up killing both of them. This book revolves around the investigation into the kidnap and also Will’s romantic interest in a doctor name Sara.

Sara is a widow  living on her own and has been obsessed with Will since the year before where they met on a case, but he is married. His marriage is not without problem.

The plot is really strong in this book and although I believe it’s from a series this is perfect on it’s own this had made me determined to read more of her work.

There were parts of the story that I think could be improved for instance I would love to find out more about Faith’s brother Zeke who has quite an interesting character but is hardly mentioned I would also love to know some background on Will’s boss Amanda. She is shown as quite a hard character and I would love to see a softer side to her.

I would rate this book 4/5.