Playing With My Emotions… Determination

This isn’t actually in the tag but having a good think about it I decided it really ought to be, how many times have we, as readers, enjoyed a book and it’s made us really put our feet down about something?
The book you thing, yes, I can do this.

This book for me would be Jenny Tomlin’s Send Me No Flowers. I have actually written about this author before and I believe this book but, as cliché as it sounds, this did really change my life. I was in a bad relationship that I was only really staying in to prove a point but this book made me realised how bad things could get and the next week I was rid of him and most of the issues that went with it.
I would recommend this books to anyone in an abusive relationship (whether it be emotional or physical) it might just give you the push you need.
I won’t give away too much about this book, you really need to enjoy it.


Author Review…. Jenny Tomlin

Somebody passed me ‘Send Me No Flowers’ nearing the end of a particularly bad relationship I was in, in all honesty I think this book made me see the light and leave him. The book follows Donna as she falls in love with Danny a drug dealer, who regulary abuses her and rapes her daily. It also follows his downward spiral from drug use to full addiction. He is even responsible for the killing of his sister.

This book was extremely hard to read,but the next book I read by this author was even harder. In ‘ Sweetie’ a number of children are being taken off the street, sexually abused and killed and at first noone has any idea who it is. In parts this book made me cry, to be honest I felt angry at the person who was doing this. Books rarely make me feel this way but I was so involved with this book.

It was only after reading this that I realised Jenny wrote her books, in part based on experience. This is eveident in her book, Behind Closed Doors. This depicts Jenny’s own childhood, she was regualrly mentally, physically and sexually abused as was her sister. There was never food in the house and it was always filthy. This is a heartbreaking book. By the end I felt such a hatred for her father and all of the things he had done to her.

As an author I would rate her:


But these are not easy reads and anyone who gets very easily upset shouldn’t read them. They are also all have scenes of sexual abuse, so aren’t for children.