James Herbert Books.. For 99p


Hi Everyone,

The amount I post about James Herbert may be ridiculous but I was snooping around Amazon looking for some more of his books to add to me kindle. I currently own two in print version and have three others on there already. This was when I noticed some of the amazing prices. Even though these books are E-books these are still great value and from reading reviews etc these prices appear to be on going and not part of a daily deal. Here is what is currently available:

  1. The Rats  – I have written in a previous post about this book and I love it. Giants rats take over London and kill dozens of people enough said.
  2. Domain – I can’t say for certain as there is no blurb available but judging my the cover and the ominous ‘Remember with fear’ contained in the description is probably another one of The Rats series.
  3. Lair – Another one of The Rats books this now means that this trilogy can be bought for £2.97 why wouldn’t you. I have read this and can describe it as terrifying!
  4. Sepulchre – I have just bought this one and have yet to read it but judging by the blurb this is to do with evil lingering in a house. It sounds like a fairly classic ghost story, this is also meant to be over 400 pages so that’s a lot of reading to be getting on with.
  5. Creed –  This sounds so intriguing the blurb seems quite vague but I can see that it is about a photographer who takes some pictures of some very freaky goings on. This may be featuring in a haul post very soon.

There are so many other books available for this price but these are a great starting point and I cannot tempt myself any further. Enjoy reading!

NB Another great place to find these books is in second hand book shops and charity shops for some tiny prices.


The Rats and Lair by James Herbert


Hi Everyone,

I read these books a few months ago during my huge blogging break and they still play on my mind even today. If you have ever read anything my James Herbert you will know just how disturbing his books can be. I am not afraid of rats but these books terrified me. Rats is set in London, when the authorities start discovering a number of people who appear to have been mauled by a group of giant rats. Even people that seem to get bitten just once end up dying the following day after a set of horrendous symptoms. Harrison, a local teacher is one of the first to realise the full depth of the problem and the only one who has survived spending any time with these creatures and him and the Government must find a way of stopping the infestation.

Lair is the sequel and is appears not all of the rats have been destroyed like was originally believed. Soon more deaths are springing up along forest land and a local scientist must stop them. This is again a terrifying read.

These books are not for the faint – hearted, some of the scenes are particularly graphic and I could not get them off my mind.These books are gruesome but they are also clever casting real fear into the heart of the reader. He also creates some quite disturbing characters – such as the teacher that enjoys revealing himself in public and serves victim.

James Herbert has now sadly passed but he has always been known as Britain’s number one Chiller writer and I would agree with that statement very much.


The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert

As you guys all know I am a huge fan of anything horror and was bought this book a number of months ago and when I finally got to it last week I was instantly engrossed. From the first page I felt a chill and it continued throughout the entire book, the further I was dragged in.

The Story

A family move to Hollow’s Bay in Devon, whilst Gabe is on a job there. He and his wife Eve lost a son around a year ago ( Cam went missing after a trip to the park) and they hope this will take not only their minds but the minds of their two daughters off the whole situation. The dog, Chester is instantly horrified by the are ugly home and spends the entire night howling. Soon there are weird noises and doors that won’t stay closed. What is the secret?

My Thoughts

This book was my first adventure into the world of the late author and I loved every moment. Not only was I scared and horrified I also found myself laughing and crying in almost equal measures.

Great book and highly reccommend.