Northern Rail Fails Again…

For the last couple of years I have been using northern rail to go back and to to Manchester, and I think I could count the number of times I’ve had perfect service on one hand.
If the train isn’t late it is most definitely dirty and on the rare occasion it’s actually clean the heating is either far too high or non existent. Apart from the station staff at Sandbach and the odd team member here and there the staff are extremely rude too.
When I first started university I had a particularly hard time with northern rail.  There was one week I was stuck at a freezing cold station for three days in a row for over two hours a time. On the Saturday night I’d stayed over and when the train going back was over an hour late I made a complaint to the northern rail guy at the station. I wad basically shouted at for the complaint and told to check their website as they had great stats.
First of all there is no way these stats can be true as so many people are dissatisfied with their service.
Northern Rail need to sort themselves out and soon

Toliet Paper in Public Loos…

Why is it so bad?   In the ones owned by the council I can possibly understand it, they are short of money right now,  but ones in shops? They have the money to pay for something half decent.

And the toilets that you have to pay 30p to use? There is certainly no excuse that 30p could buy a whole toilet roll of good paper.

Sort this out. It is not good for one’s bottom.


People Who Think They Know About My Life…

I don’t have much of an accent and the boyfriend and I are fortunate to have out own home. People assume that I have grown up with money or in a big house and this really isn’t the case.

I was actually told yesterday, “Well when you grow up in the real world….”

I don’t think she realises that I actually did spend the first few years on a cancel estate, it was only when my mother died and we had to leave with other relatives that I moved into a private house. So I do believe I have grown up in the ‘real world’, just because I’m not rude and aggresive and because I don’t have a hatred for police officers, doesn’t mean I’ve never faced hardships.

Hate…The Dog Poo Outside of our House….

So Lest night we came back from visiting family to see a huge dog poo outside of our house. This probably happens every month or so and just isn’t right. If you have a dog it’s gonna poo but please just clean it up, it only takes two seconds.

Plus it looks like sombody has trod in it. There is a fine of £1000 for anybody who does this but there isn’t really anyway to catch them.


No Toilets at a Manned Busy Train Station…

Arriving at the train seconds with thirty seconds spare (and needing a wee) I thought no need to worry the station I’m training at has toilets. Only to discover they are ALL under refurbishment, I could understand this if it was a small station, but dozens are trains arrive to and depart from this station every hour.
When I asked I was told I could go to the leisure centre well no I might miss my connection. So here I am bursting for the toilet and very annoyed.

People who have their music on full blast…

There is a girl who gets on the bus every morning and every morning she plays her music far too loudly.
Its so loud she is a few seats behind me and I can’t concentrate on the book I’m trying to read.
A number of the other passengers (including myself) haver turned round and glared at her but she still does it. I’m not sure if its because she hasn’t noticed or if now she’s just doing it on purpose.
My journey to work is the best time of the day to get the reading I need to do for the blog done and she’s disturbing it.