Bookish Christmas Gift Ideas – Film Noir Edition

Hi Everyone,

Alongside books I have a huge interest in Cinema in particular film noir. When it comes to this time of year I am always looking for books to add to my Christmas list that will really increase my knowledge and here are a few things I found:

  1. Budget Option: This book in genuinely on my personal Christmas Wishlist. Billy Wilder: Masters of Cinema by Noel Simsolo is bursting with pictures and little titbits about the directors career and personal life. This is for film lovers of The Apartment, Double Indemnity and The Seven YearItch. £5.39 with free delivery. 51UnrZDVz9L._SX385_
  2. Mid Range: The second item I have included in from one of my favourite charities The Film Noir Foundation. They work to refurbish and reclaim old film reels and make them available to the public. One of the ways in which they do this is sell merchandise. The Noir City Annual contains essays and discussion points taken entirely from outside contributors these can only be bought from Amazon US and sell for $25 plus $5 delivery. As they come from the US they may be a little late for the 25th December but if you have a later Christmas these could be perfect. noir city annual
  3. Luxury: The Encyclopedia of Film Noir by Geoff Mayer is a hard cover book bursting with information and pictures this discusses the genre and how it should be defined – this is constantly debated by noir film lovers. There is so much information here that it will certainly keep you busy Christmas day. This is also available from Amazon at a cost of £47.95 with free delivery.

film noir


What are you hoping for in your stocking?

Film Review.. Woman on the Run

Frank witnesses a mob hit and when the police try to put him into police protection he scares and runs away. When the detectives go to ask his wife Eleanor about his life she knows very little about him. Eleanor is soon approached by a reporter who offers her a good sum for the story and he helps her to find Frank, however he is not what he seems.

I am a huge film noir fan and this was another classic from the era, a film relying on the story alone and  not special effects. I had never heard of any of the cast but I was very impressed with the performances.

When I bought this DVD a couple of months ago it was £4.99 which I thought to be quite a good deal and as this forms part of a film noir collection I will now look at buying some more. I also thought Ann Sheridan who played Eleanor was not only beautiful but very talented and I hope to see some more of her films.

Made in 1950 this is an excellent example of what cinema was doing back then:



A New Hollywood Love… Barbara Stanwyck

A few months ago I was reading a book when the film Double Indemnity was mentioned and I decided to buy it I love older films so know if would be something I would enjoy that’s when I first came across this amazing actress. She was born as Ruby Catherine Stevens in 1907 Brooklyn and by 1944 she was the highest paid woman in the United States.

As she was orphaned at 4, she spent most of her earlyyears in and out of foster homes making what she became even more of an acheivement. she even won three emmys and a golden globe. But Barbara Stanwyck is not often a name you hear and I think that is a real shame and she even received a lifetime achievement award.

I haven’t yet managed to see a great number of her films (I am have only actually seen four) but of what I have seen I thought her best work was in The Strange Love of Martha Ivers. Martha is a woman who has killed her Aunt as a child and her love for killing has stuck with her since she first got away with it. She believes everything is fine until an old friend comes to town…

If you are a fan of the silverscreen I would certainly recommend this.

Here are the for films I’ve seen but I wish to see many more:

1 Double Indemity

2 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

3 Meet John Doe

4 Burlesque