Erotica Author: Marc Stevens


Hi Everyone,

Today I will be talking about Erotica and although I will not be too graphic please do not continue reading if you are easily offended.

I have a love hate relationship with Erotica. I love to read it but I hate most of what is out there. I find most of the back stories to be terrible and the sex scenes to be incredibly cheesy. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find some work that is not fetish based, has good believable sex scenes and has a great back story to match. Well I have found an author – Marc Stevens. I tweet him so much and read his blog so often he probably thinks I am some sort of stalker but I just love his work.

The sex scenes although fantastical are also relatable and the idea of the Points Club in which the participants gain points by acting out others fantasies and spend points by others acting out theirs – means that we can get a real feel for the characters. For once they actually mean something!

There are currently six books out in the series with the seventh on its way very soon. My favourite was Candy’s Virgin – this book actually made me cry (with tears). These are short stories as you would expect but they pack a lot of punch.

What Erotica authors do you like and what are your Erotica Pet Peeves?


Teaser Review.. Your Favourite Girl by Steph Sweeney


********EROTICA REVIEW ********************

As you guys all know I LOVE Steph Sweeney’s erotica my reviews are here and here.

I was really excited when I saw this £0.77 teaser on Amazon, as you can imagine it is part of a full book and mixes erotica, fantasy and possible thriller all in one. Melissa discovers that her husband has been cheating on her with an 18 year old girl and after they enjoy a number of threesomes she decides to look through his stuff to find evidence of other girls and that’s when she finds the card for your favourite girl inc and decides to take a trip down to the basement under the jewellery store and that’s where she discovers flora..

I can’t do a full review as I haven’t read the whole book, but what I’ve read so far i have enjoyed. It has been quite a strange story but that has added to the erotica giving it a different dimension, I only want to know where the rest is now!

Book Review… That Girl Across The Hall by Marc Stevens

****EROTICA REVIEW********

Normally I have everything scheduled but if I didn’t make an exception for this post it wouldn’t be out for over a week and that would not be fair. I noticed the author when he posted a Sexy Fruit Post that was hilarious, so as I followed I saw the post that announced his book being available on Amazon today.

Did I like this story? Yes, Yes, YES!

Not only was it hot it was different I’ve never read erotic tale from the male perspective and this made it sexier. Also these people don’t know each other there is none of the over romantic stuff, they just get down to it. I’m glad I wasn’t reading this book on the train as I did gasp a couple of times.

I am not going to go into too much detail as it will ruin it, just read the story.

This was simple good writing it is obvious this man is not only a great writer but has a good sex life too!

Would I recommend it? Yes

Score: 5/5

Tip: if you wish to hot up your love life don’t waste hundreds of pounds on counsellor spend £0.77 on this book instead.

That Girl Across The Hall

Book Finished…What She Said To Me by Steph Sweeney

********This is an Erotica Review***********

The Good Reads Description:

‘A young man struggling to find his place in the world has a chance encounter with a strange hippie girl outside a bar. He brings her back to his apartment, eager to earn her support in his literary efforts, and finds that all she has to offer him is another kind of satisfaction.’

This is the piece of Erotica by Steph Sweeney I have read and I am just as impressed with this as I was Dark Ice. They have really story lines and the sex is hot and really well written. This was another one a got for free making it an even better bargin.

I don’t need to write anymore.



Book Finished…Dark Ice by Steph Sweeney

****This is an Erotica Review****
This is a short Erotica story noting Darrell’s time spent at a party. He shows up thinking he will have a chance with Amelia, a girl who he has liked for ages. He finds himself ignored throughout the night.

With most erotica the background story isn’t particularly good, but this was excellent. There was enough about Darrell and there was even quite a shocking ending that had nothing to with sex, which made it much better.

The sex scenes were really good too, the words used weren’t cliché, but they were the rude offensive type either.

The sex scene wasn’t only hot but actually quite realistic.

I managed to get this story free but would actually have paid money for it.
I rate this book:
Great Erotica.