New Band Love… Patent Pending

So as you all know last night I went to see Bowling for Soup and the first act to come on was Patent Pending. First of all, they were amazing with the crowd they were really fun and get so involved. the lyrics were witty, and the beats amazing.

The members are:

Joe – Vocals

Rob – Guitar and vocals

Anthony – Drums

Marc – Guitar

Corey – Bass

There were a couple of songs that really stood out for me, Douchebag and One Less Heart to Break. Just watch the videos on the post.


New Music Love… The Cab

I was listening to Patrick Stump again on spotify, when I decided look at similair artists and this was the first one on the list. I’m so glad listened to them, there music is amazing. a perfect mixture between rock and pop. Great lyrics and great beats too. Their first album was released in 2008 and was entitled Whisper War.

This four piece from Las Vegas are not on their first set of members but the current ones are:

  • Alexander DeLeon – lead vocals (2004–present)
  • Alex Marshall – piano, guitar, backing vocals (2005–present)
  • Joey Thunder – bass (2009–present)
  • Dave Briggs – drums

I would recommend a listen particularly if you like Panic!At The Disco or Fall Out Boy.

The boys are also gorgeous!

Liking Bands Before They Were Massively Famous… Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy formed in 2001 and it is safe to say that everyone is aware of them, it is also safe to say I adore them. I have owned every studio album they have produced, seen them life and I love Patrick Stump’s solo work. When Take This to Your Grave arrived in 2003 they were a virtual unknown in England but I loved them, so as soon as From Under The Cork Tree arrived in 2005 I bought it immediately another great album from them. Who can forget Sugar We’re Goin Down? this album even went double platinum.

This album made them none in England but not as much as infinity on high, with ‘This Ain’t a Scene It’s an Arms Race’ really highlighting how good they were to other audiences.

Folie a Deux was their next album this material on this is very different to Take This to Your Grave but I love it just as much, as usual the lyrics are witty and minimal swearing is used.

Fall Out Boy were the 93rd best band of the 2000-2010 decade according to Billboard.


Patrick Stump

Pete Wentz

Joe Trohman

Andy Hurley

Here is Saturday from Take This To Your Grave.

A Post About Sexy Older Men…

Ever since I was old enough to like boys I have had a thing for older actors, musicians etc. There is nothing nicer on a man than the odd wrinkle or a bit of grey in their hair. So after a conversation at work about Liam Neeson yesterday who is now 60 here is my list of my top five over 40s.

5) Jared Leto – Born on boxing day 1971 he is just about allowed on this list by a few months. He is the front man of band 30 seconds to Mars and is also a successful actor starring in a number of films and TV shows. The first time I ever noticed him I was 13 and reading Kerrang magazine. Even when I heard that he once kissed Paris Hilton I was not put off.

What do you think?

4) Phillip Scholfield is 50 years old and any self respecting Brit will know of him, at 5ft 9 he may be quite short for a man, but that’s fine I’m quite a bit shorter. Known as the silver fox he is orginally from Oldham making him a northerner too! He has been on TV my entire life and I have enjoyed him for most of that time.

Here he is…

3) Ewan McGregor, if you haven’t heard of him where have you been? He is 41 years old and Scottish a great combination. He has also been a love of mine for most my life, with piercing blue eyes and a head of ginger hair he may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he sure looks great in a set of leathers. He has also been happily married for 17 years making him even more attractive.

Do you agree with me?

2) Robert Downey Jr. This may be considered a bit of an odd choice but I think he is gorgeous. He has a very bad reputation for his previous bad boy antics, but that makes him all the more attractive. He is an amazing actor and is so charismatic in interviews. All of the others in this list I noticed in my early teens but this one was  a late developer. I was 20 when I realised how hot is he is!


1) Billie-Joe Armstrong – This guy has been my first love since I was 12, not only is he gorgeous he is extremely talented. His recent problems have caused him to take a break in rehab, but it is obvious he will soon come through. He turned 40 this year and has been married to his childhood sweetheart for 18 years. I remember being 13 and finding out he was married – I was gutted. Greenday remain one of my favourite bands to this day despite the fact their posters aren’t covering my walls anymore.




Love… Ingrid Bergman


Although she is often remember for her acting skills I have never heard anybody comment on her beauty. She may have been no Grace Kelly but with her European features he was beautiful in her own right. Born in Sweden in 1915 she had three husbands throughout her life and four children. She sadly died at the ago of 67 in London.

At her first ever audition when she was 17 she’s thought she’d thoroughly messed up but later she was told:

“We loved your security and your impertinence. We loved you and told each other that there was no reason to waste time as there were dozens of other entrants still to come. We didn’t need to waste any time with you. We knew you were a natural and great. Your future as an actress was settled.’


She was in so many great films and recieved a large number of awards, my personal favourite was not one of her most famous but I felt she acted brilliantly this was Spellbound. She was a young woman in love with a man who she really shouldn’t have been and throughout the whole film she was stuck between what she should do and what she wanted to. Brilliant actress.