The Naked Rambler….

Stephen Gough is the most infamous naked rambler in the UK and he has spent nearly six years in prison due to this. He has often walked out of prison and the almost instantly removed his clothes and then been arrested again.  He says it’s a matter of principle and if he wishes not to wear clothes why should he?

It has also got to the point where he refuses to wear clothes in court and even in prison. Officials wanted to break the cycle of his reoffending so allowed him to leave prison naked for the first time, but only three days later he walked past a children’s playground naked.

It is not believed that this man has cost the UK hundreds of thousands of pounds, with it costing £40,000 a year to keep the average inmate. He needs special attention as prison rules state that clothes must be worn and he refuses meaning he has to be kept separately from other prisoners.

“The human body isn’t offensive,” he told the Guardian in March 2012. “If that’s what we’re saying, as human beings, then it’s not rational.

Scott, who is also a human rights lawyer, says being naked is “not generally accepted to be a human right”.

“You can develop your own thinking on what a human right is but if that clashes with the rights of other people not to be upset or alarmed then you have a problem.”

But is he right? We punish flashers is he any better? We were born naked why not stay that way?

The problem is this offends some people, they feel it isn’t appropriate for people to be walking around naked. This isn’t breaking the law though, there is nothing sexual to his being naked, he just doesn’t wish to wear clothes. I feel here there needs to be compromise on both sides.

The legal system need to see there isn’t any malice to his actions, but he needs to understand how his actions could upset other people. I actually agree with naturism, it’s not something I would personally do, but it allows people to be perfectly comfortable with themselves something that isn’t very common in the age of silicon and fillers.

However, I can see all this money being thrown away and I just feel if Mr Gough had stopped earlier a few thousand pounds could have been saved.


Coca-cola now NOT Sold in only 2 Countries

Today trade sanactions were lifted meaing Coca-cola can now be sold in Burma after almost 60 years. This means that there are now only two countries in the entire world it isn’t sold in Cuba and North Korea.

I know this is nothing to do with my blog and not the type of things I normally write about, but I found this quite interesting. It shows just what an international brand it is and how many people it reaches throughout the world.

Ambulance boss Robert King struck off after concealing murder conviction.,..

I’ve just read this on the BBC news website and it astounded me. This man worked in the ambulance service for 16 years and nobdoy realised that he was hiding a murder conviction and has also previously be arrested for stealing a car. He had lied on his application form if this man had murdered once who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again. This is another case of the British Public being let down by the NHS probelm checks should have been made to ensure they were not employing people with a previous record.

I don’t think it should just be him who is sacked but every body responsible for employing him this is a disgrace.

For the full story visit the BBC news at: