Another Award Nomination!

sunshine award

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Award, a huge thank you to Mischievous eyes for nominating me. My post will be coming tomorrow afternoon and you will be able to see all of my nominations and the answers to all of my questions but I thought I’d share a couple of answers with you now. Remember to look back to see my answers to the rest of the questions and my nominees!

What inspired you to start blogging?

I am not sure, I think I just wanted to write about all the things that really annoyed me and then my love for books started coming through and now it’s more book blog than rant blog.

How did you come up with the name for your blog?

Well I was young and grumpy and there was a lot of things I hated (and a few I loved) and that’s how it happened.





I’ve Been Nominated For an Award!


First of all a huge thank you to Jessie for nominating me! I love receiving nominations and nice comments and likes so  big smiles.

I need to tell 7 random (but true) things about myself and then nominated seven other people so here we go:

  1. I have a teddy bear named Juice Junior
  2. Lobster is now my favourite food
  3. I can’t sing but I love doing it anyway
  4. Favourite band = Greenday
  5. I actually like Cher Lloyd
  6. I have a makeup obsession
  7. Baths are so much better than showers

So now it comes to nominated other people and my nominations are:

Good Luck Guys!


So the Adverts on My Blog….

Earlier today my boyfriend was reading one of my posts when he noticed that there was an advert at the bottom, I was surprised. I’ve had rather low stats recently partly because I’m not writing as much as I used to, but I believe it in part, is due to this. I have not said I wanted adverts on the page and was quite surpried.

It turns out I can’t remove them as I don’t pay for my blog these are there to help with running costs. I just wish someone had let me know sooner.

I am sorry if  they are putting you off but please keep reading!

Book Finished…The Stranger (A Novella) by Chris Martin

There was a tragedy in Seal Bay eight years ago and the man responsible, Lance Puckett has returned to town, and Dillion a local business owner and recovering alcoholic is terrified. To the point where he has to go and see him and they meet at a local cafe. Lance tries to kill him and a number of other people within the cafe before forcing Dillion into a car and driving him miles out of town…

This was so well written, I literally couldn’t put it down! Dillion seemed to be genuinely tortured by the return if this man the relationship with his sponsor Jimmy and Jimmy’s sister Dena are well written. The friendship is very obvious, I do not want to spoil this piece for anyonebut there is a massive twist at the end that I don’t think anybody would expect. I actually found myself reading a couple of paragraphs three or four times to make sure I got it right!

Although this story was quite dark the writing flowed easily and it seemed almost effortless. New and newish authors tend to overload work with too many metaphors or too big words, but this book spoke of a confidence that didn’t require ths.

This book was 77p so also very cheap and I would have paid three times that price. Read Chris Martin’s work he has lots to offer the literary world, and I wish him all the success.

I would give The Stranger:


No Posts Yesterday…

Ok so last week I was a bit lax about blogging I went two days without writing any! I was very busy with work and was also feeling a bit rubbish so didn’t get the chance. Today I am houseband feeling particualry unwell with a bad stomach. Althoug blogs are going to take me quite a while I plan to get some out today. So please bare with me.

Nails Your Thing? …..Check Out Miss Lucy’s Nails!

My workmate Lucy comes in almost everyday with different nails and they are all gorgeous, she also has the largest selection of polish I have ever seen in my life. If you are looking for some nail inspiration this is definitely the place to go, it’s a fairly new blog so don’t expect lots of posts, but what is there is very well written and there are lots of gorgeous pictures. I only have one criticism of the blog and it’s that she isn’t confident enough!!! She is so talented and should believe in her skills a bit more.

I will also be asking Miss Lucy to give me a nailover this week, so keep your eyes peeled guys!

For more pictures search Miss Lucy’s Nails on facebook and start creating!

So Edit of my Short Story….

I got a great email from Fay at, she’d done some editing to my first story. I was really impressed with this so I thought I’d show you all here it is:

That is it. The straw that has broken the proverbial camels back. There would be no more tolerance or straight forward acceptance. No more excuses. 

After finding lipstick on his collar for the third time Joanne knew it would be the last. The type of girl she could picture clearly – pretty, young, skinny and fucking him for his money obviously. 
‘How could I have ever fancied a man called Clive?’ she thought to herself. A man who built his company from bottom up has now let the success go to his head and destroyed almost all of the foundations he laid. Living by their sacred marital vows Joanne had been there for richer for poorer and had forsaked all others. 
It was 19:30 and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc was open on the table with a large glass poured out next to it. Surely drowning her sorrows would make her feel better, if not it would send her into an abyss where she could forget her perpetual woes for a couple of hours at least.
So a big thank you toFay! All go and read her blog!