Northern Rail Fails Again…

For the last couple of years I have been using northern rail to go back and to to Manchester, and I think I could count the number of times I’ve had perfect service on one hand.
If the train isn’t late it is most definitely dirty and on the rare occasion it’s actually clean the heating is either far too high or non existent. Apart from the station staff at Sandbach and the odd team member here and there the staff are extremely rude too.
When I first started university I had a particularly hard time with northern rail.  There was one week I was stuck at a freezing cold station for three days in a row for over two hours a time. On the Saturday night I’d stayed over and when the train going back was over an hour late I made a complaint to the northern rail guy at the station. I wad basically shouted at for the complaint and told to check their website as they had great stats.
First of all there is no way these stats can be true as so many people are dissatisfied with their service.
Northern Rail need to sort themselves out and soon

Food…The White Bear in Middlewich

This pub re-opened a few months ago and we have been planning to go ever since so today we thought why not?
This place is smart both inside and out and is very popular throughout the week.
As we entered the building the first thing we heard was a woman screaming at her dog to sit down. When we sat at the table is was dirty but when we asked for it to be wiped it was done straight away. We were quite near the kitchen window and despite the very considerate chef – who although you could hear them working- they were quiet.
The same could not be said for the waitresses one in particular who had blonde hair and was wearing see-through leggings kept shouting things in the kitchen. The chefs kept asking her to be shut up but she didn’t seem to get it.
The food, although badly presently was actually quite pleasant. The chefs were also producing the food at quite a good rate. For the food I would definitely come here again. The desserts were delicious.
The waitress spilt coke all over the table and didn’t even attempt to clean it up, and the waitresses were all in jeans or leggings. I found this quite unprofessional.
The mains were pleasant, the desserts were amazing and everything was local and of good quality.
So I would give this place:
Top marks for the food, just a bit more work on the service.