Hi Everyone,

The last couple of weeks I have been using a number of different sources for inspiration and whilst doing so I stumbled across and instantly fell in love.

This is a website devoted to crime books, films, authors, mystery detectives and one part of the site is especially dedicated to Agatha Christie. I cannot rave about this site enough. This has introduced me to stories and authors that I may have not found any other way and has also given me some film inspiration too. The creator has a real knowledge of books from the ages with modern day authors such as Stephen King mentioned and going back as far as the likes of Edgar Allan Poe.

My top three  favourite articles include:

  1. The Most Famous Mystery Detectives Of All Time
  2. Gold Dagger Fiction Award
  3. Author Pages

All of the articles on this site are well written and well researched and it really gets my creative juices flowing.

Are there any book related websites that you would like to recommend? If so include them in the comments section below.