The Keeper by Luke Delaney Review


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Sorry for my absence – I have been working more on my beauty blog more which can be found hanging out here. Right, so today I will be reviewing The Keeper by Luke Delaney. This is the second book in the DI Sean Corrigan Series, of which there are currently three. I have already read Cold Killing, which was fantastic.

The blurb reads:

‘The second novel in the DI Sean Corrigan series – authentic and terrifying crime fiction with a psychological edge, by an ex-Met detective. Perfect for fans of Mark Billingham, Peter James and Stuart MacBride. Thomas Keller knows exactly who he’s looking for…They tried to keep them apart, but when he finds her, he’s going to keep her. Just like he knows she wants him to. DI Sean Corrigan is not like other detectives. His dark past has given him the ability to step into a crime scene and see it through the offender’s eyes. He understands what drives a person to commit terrible acts – but sometimes his gift feels more like a curse. When women start disappearing from their homes in broad daylight, Corrigan’s Murder Investigation Team is reluctant to take on a missing persons case. But then the first body turns up, and Corrigan knows he must quickly get into the mind of the murderer. Because this killer knows exactly who he wants. And he won’t stop until he finds her.’

My Opinion

If you know anything about me (or have ever read this blog) you will know how much I love a good crime novel. This book is fantastic, I love the way that Corrigan gets into the mind of his criminals. He almost ‘becomes’ them, using his past experience of abuse to help him. Sally Jones is also getting over what happened to her in the first book, so I would advise reading them in order or you will be thoroughly confused. This book also sees the introduction of Anna, who claims to be an innocent academic profiling the killer, but there is an undercurrent and much more to her.

I love the way Delaney gives the reader tid bits. I like how we learn almost at the same rate as the detectives and I really like how he can be gritty and honest without being overly crude. This book shows itself in layers and it is really special. What I will be doing next is reading the Toy Taker the third in the series. His writing styles if perfect for keeping the reader engaged, focusing on small details and then suddenly switching to a 100 miles an hours. The twists and turns keep the reader going throughout.

If you like James Patterson with a few drops of Martina Cole this is for you!

My Goodreads Score: 5/5

Pages: 458

Format E-Book

The 23-point behaviour policy

The Modern Miss

It’s important for a school to have a behaviour policy, it’s important for both the children and the staff as well as the coherent running of the school.

It’s also important that it works.

I spent today in a primary school, with two classes of 28 (Year 6) and 23 (Year 4). It felt more like being pitted against the combined armies of Genghis Khan and Stalin.

At the start of the day I was told that the school was lucky, it had some troublesome pupils in the past, but that now there were no behavioural issues at all. Previously, there were three or four exclusions a month, both internal and fixed-term external ones. Now though, there were no exclusions at all, that the behaviour never escalated to that level and the school was hoping to lose the ‘Requires Improvement‘ label. The key to this, I was told…

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The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins




Hi Guys,

Recently I have been loving the classics, and after seeing people talk about this all over Youtube I decided to grab this in a recent visit to Waterstone’s. I love my kindle but I just feel a tree book is much more appropriate for a classic.


This book is written in a number of different perspectives and is quite typical of a sensation novel of that era. It starts with Walter Hartwright a painting teacher taking a job in Cumberland. There he meets Laura who he falls in love with and her sister, a woman with a lot of sense. He soon finds out Laura is to be married and leaves before his contract is due up. What I haven’t mentioned is the fact that the night before he goes he meets a mysterious woman in white who is looking to get to London he later hears she has escape a mental asylum and it appears she knew Laura and Marian’s mother.


This book is fantastic, it is a strong 770 pages long but it is written so well you really couldn’t tell. The book is written beautifully and every ties together so nicely. There are lots of ‘ohhhhh’ moments nearing the end of the book and I could not put it down. I have since bought The Moonstone looking to read more written by this marvellous man.


Rating on Goodreads: 5/5

Eeny Meeny Review by MJ Arlidge



Hi Guys,


Long Time, No See! I noticed this book at the local Tesco and I knew I just had to have it. I came home and instantly downloaded this onto my Kindle. This title just intrigued me. The second I mentioned the rough plotline to my partner the first thing he said was how much it sounded like the film Saw. I have never seen the film but after seeing several reviews of the book on Amazon, I believe this really is the case.


A woman in the Southampton area starts picking up couples and  makes them choose between themselves, which one lives and which one days. My crime/horror loving side adored the concept. This starts with a girl called Amy and her boyfriend Sam sat in a diving pool with no way out. They have to decided, which one will die and which one will run free.


The police officer leading the investigation is a Helen Grace and this is a woman with issues, she is great to read and I loved finding out more and more about her as time went on.

As always I will not include spoliers but this book is truly great and deserves anybody’s attention. I can not wait to read the next one!

Waterstones Current Promotion


Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to tell you of the current offer Waterstones is running. They are running a loyalty scheme at the moment for both members and none members for every £10 spent in store you will receive 1 stamp. Once you have 10 stamps you get a a free £10 voucher to spend in store.

Not only that you will still accumulate points on your loyalty card as normal (3 for pound) – soon you will have books growing out of your ears!

The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

big sleep

I am a big Film Noir fan everyone in my life knows this. The Big Sleep is one of the few top rating Noirs that I have yet to see, but I was very interested in the book. This is the first in the Philip Marlowe mysteries and and begins with him being called onto a job. If you don’t know he is a private eye living in California in the 1940s.

He is called upon by General Sternwood an elderly man with two wild daughters to deal with a blackmailing problem and at the time he expresses how he missed his Son – in law he left a couple of months previously. There is something off about this family and Marlowe knows it. A number of blackmailers, pornographers and muders later he finally discovers what is really going on.

My Thoughts

I honestly went into this expecting very little. I wanted to try it and see how it felt. I have historically had real problems with ‘classic’ novels and find them very difficult reads, however this was different. I was hooked from the very first page and read the entire book in a day (a work day I may also add). His writing style is gritty in a beautiful and the events and characters sound just like a film noir. This is hard-boiled at it’s best. I have also just finished number two Farewell my lovely, which I will write about soon.


This book was written in the 1940s meaning certain words and phrases are used as they were the social norms at the time. Some comments in the book may sound racist, feminist and homophobic in this book. Do not read if easily offended or upset by such words or comments.

Mad About Manga!

sailor moon

Up until recently I had not read a single page of Manga, but at Christmas this all changed. My boyfriend bought me the first Sailor Moon book. I know, I know this is a little but girly and maybe not what real Manga is about but I have really enjoyed it. I am a number of books into the serious now and decided to purchase the next one today at Waterstones in Liverpool. It was not available, instead I bought a volume of Sailor Moon short stories and the first book of the Absolute Boyfriend Series (reviews will be up soon).

Here are some of the series I really want to get into:

  1. Fruits Basket : I cannot find these books on sale anywhere in the UK! This just looks like the sweetest story and there are a number of volumes. I have read a few reviews and this seems to be very promising.
  2. Are you Alice? : A young boy finds him self in a dream world and it looks like there has just been a tea party. That’s right this is a Manga series based on Alice in Wonderland and there are a number of spin off series too.
  3. Girls of the Wild’s: This just looks like a super fun romance series when a girls only school is suddenly taking in boys. All the chaos that ensues really sparks my interest.

I know I like my Manga sugary sweet (in stark contrast from the type of fiction I normally like) but what do you think will you be giving this genre a try anytime soon?




My New Blogging Book

I may not have been able to blog a lot lately but it hasn’t stopped me from writing as a result my old blog pad is nearly full. After looking around I decided to go back to paperchase to purchase my next one. This may have cost me £10 (the prices have gone up slightly the old one was £9) past experiences have told me these will last forever as there are loads of pages and they are bound really well. They are also pretty too

My phone would not let me add a picture at all I will try and get this on my twitter as soon as!