Book Review…Dead Run by Erica Spindler

dead run

Liz Ames receives a phone call telling her, her sister Rachel a pastor at a small town in Florida has gone missing.  Liz listens to her answer phone messages and there’s one from Rachel telling her about some illegal activity on the island but not giving much detail.  Liz decides tk move to Key West to investigate.  Not long after she moves there a young girl is murder and a bank manager commits suicide.
This is my second Erica Spindler book and Dead Run made me realise how much I love her writing style. At one stage I felt as if I was going crazy alongside Liz and did not know what to think. The character I really fell in love with was Carla the ‘meat and potatoes’ who eventually figured everything out. This book was just the right side of gory and definitely kept me interested.

Would I recommend this book? Yes
Score: 5/5

Book Review.. Unknown by Chris Martin


A couple of months ago I came across Chris Martin here on wordpress and bought his book The Stranger and adored this and reviewed it HERE.When I saw Rosie’s Review of Unknown I went and downloaded it and I loved it just as much (if not more) than The Stranger.

This about a man who wakes up in a fridge in a pizza parlour having now idea who is he, he walks out of the fridge to be attacked by the shop’s owner and if that isn’t bad enough some one else starts chasing him with a gun. He then runs and is tracked down again. He has no idea who he is, but feels all of this may have something to do with his brother..

As with The Stranger this was very well written, fast paced and full of twists and turns, Throughout the book I was engrossed and didn’t want to out it down, I had to know what happens next. I think there may be another part of the story that is yet to be written but I want it now!

Would I recommend this book? Yes

Score: 5/5

This or That Tag Part One


This is another tag I have discovered on the world-wide web as there are quite a few questions to answer and I don’t like writing huge blogs I’ll be doing it in parts.
So here we go:
Audio or book in hand?
Book in hand I have yet to ‘read’ an audio book it just doesn’t appeal to me I would get so distracted by other things.
Soft Cover or Hardback?
As much as I love my collection of more expensive books I do prefer paperbacks.  They are cheaper easier to read and they won’t be too heavy in your handbag.
Fiction or Non Fiction?
I may not read non fiction back to back but I love non fiction books just to pop into, just like knowing those little facts that no one else does. If I was to choose though I would have to say fiction there is something so nice about being absorbed in a story.

Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?

Definitely real life issues (that are ever so slightly distorted), I have just never been that into the fantasy world.

Now I tag you!

Book Review… That Girl Across The Hall by Marc Stevens

****EROTICA REVIEW********

Normally I have everything scheduled but if I didn’t make an exception for this post it wouldn’t be out for over a week and that would not be fair. I noticed the author when he posted a Sexy Fruit Post that was hilarious, so as I followed I saw the post that announced his book being available on Amazon today.

Did I like this story? Yes, Yes, YES!

Not only was it hot it was different I’ve never read erotic tale from the male perspective and this made it sexier. Also these people don’t know each other there is none of the over romantic stuff, they just get down to it. I’m glad I wasn’t reading this book on the train as I did gasp a couple of times.

I am not going to go into too much detail as it will ruin it, just read the story.

This was simple good writing it is obvious this man is not only a great writer but has a good sex life too!

Would I recommend it? Yes

Score: 5/5

Tip: if you wish to hot up your love life don’t waste hundreds of pounds on counsellor spend £0.77 on this book instead.

That Girl Across The Hall

Playing With My Emotions… Nostalgia

If ever there was a book that made me appreciate a bygone era it would be Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Lara starts seeing her late and hearing her late Aunt Sadie, who pretty much ruins her life to try to get back a necklace and she refuses to rest until she finds it again. She also has strong view on fashion and principles and doesn’t understand why ‘everyone is walking around with blue legs’, she makes Lara wear various flapper girl outfits and follow many 1920s pursuits. At first she hates both Sadie and the activities but as the book goes on she soon falls in love with  both.

As a lover of black and white films and older times this story really entertained me, also is was fairly clear that Sophie Kinsella had done her research, and the book also has a bittersweet ending that made me cry my eyes out.

If you want to get into Sophie Kinsella miss out the tiresome shopaholic series and read her other stand alone books such as this or Remember Me?

twenties girl



Free Book Haul!

shattered memory persuasion

I don’t feature enough book hauls on this blog compared to the amount of books I actually buy so I thought I would feature a free book haul. This is one of the joys of the kindle, free books are readily available. Some of them are the work of struggling new authors, where we find a great undiscovered writer or they are old classics like Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens. I typed ‘Free Kindle Books’ into Amazon and this is what I picked. After buying these books I also embarked on a massive clean up of the kindle and put everything into their relevant folders.

  • A Shattered Memory by Alan Halsey
  • Persuasion by Jane Austen
  • Emma by Jane Austen
  • Love Triangle: Three Sides To The Story by Brenda Barrett
  • The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson by Douglas Lindsay
  • Sentence of Marriage by Shayne Parkinson
  • Murder on the Mind by LL Bartlett

As they were free it is true I could have bought some more but I didn’t want to be too greedy my reading list is huge already!

persuasion murder-on-the-mind

New Music Find.. We The Kings

I will admit it now I am a huge emo pop fan, I love the beats and also the clever lyrics with the guitar in the background. As a lover of Mayday Parade (and Spotify said these two bands were similar) I listened to We The Kings and I was instantly in love. These songs are fairly ‘girlfriend based’ but I can deal with that.

Here is an amazing acoustic version of ‘Every Single Dollar’  featuring Travis Clark there is also a small interview included here with him. This is not my video.

Every Single Dollar Acoustic

Playing With My Emotions…Sadness/ Helplessness

The Second Husband by Louise Candlish

I read this book when I first started university on the 6am train to get  to an early lecture I spend a ridiculous amount of time in tears.
The second husband is about Kate a lady who is going through a bad divorce and also has two children a young boy and a teenage daughter called Roxy.
Then Davis moves in next door and he makes everything a bit better and so they marry.

Everything is perfect until she finds out he is actually is love with her daughter.
I remember reading that book and feeling the same emotions as if it actually happened to me.Kate not only feels betrayed by Roxy and Davis but also by herself, the signs were there all along after all. I even felt these emotions when I wasn’t reading the book.

I would feel kind of helpless especially when Davis runs away with Roxy to France and due to her age they can’t seemed to get her back all they can do is wait.

the second husband louise candlish


Shared Blogg…


I came across this entirely by chance, I believe I was looking at an art blog and Shared Blogg had liked it. This blog is open to contributors all you need to do in comment on the home page post and you will be added as a contributors. This is not only a great way to get people to read your blog who may never have noticed it before but also (and actually probably my favourite thing about it) a way to find new blogs to read and new bloggers to connect with.

You can find Shared Blogg  HERE.

Enjoy Posting!


I’ve Been Nominated For an Award!


First of all a huge thank you to Jessie for nominating me! I love receiving nominations and nice comments and likes so  big smiles.

I need to tell 7 random (but true) things about myself and then nominated seven other people so here we go:

  1. I have a teddy bear named Juice Junior
  2. Lobster is now my favourite food
  3. I can’t sing but I love doing it anyway
  4. Favourite band = Greenday
  5. I actually like Cher Lloyd
  6. I have a makeup obsession
  7. Baths are so much better than showers

So now it comes to nominated other people and my nominations are:

Good Luck Guys!