My New Diary (Small Rant)…


As my blog is doing really well at the moment and I am sticking (most of the time) to my two blogs a day goal scheduling quite a lot in advance, I thought I would buy a good old-fashioned diary. This means I can write quick notes and decided what I will be doing days ahead on the blog. I can also see what I have previously done, meaning I will not complete the same blog twice.

As I didn’t want to spend an awful lot of money I searched Amazon and found this one for £3.40, it’s A4 with a page a day so great value but there are tonnes of mistakes.

Here are just a few:

  • Jaguary is now the first month of the year
  • Czechosolvakia is still a country
  • The Currency Spain use is the peseta
  • There is a country call Cannda
  • And although this isn’t exactly a mistake it tells me the cholesterol level if I eat a pig’s brain.

Then again at least I know why this disclaimer was included.

diary disclaimer

Northern Rail Fails Again…

For the last couple of years I have been using northern rail to go back and to to Manchester, and I think I could count the number of times I’ve had perfect service on one hand.
If the train isn’t late it is most definitely dirty and on the rare occasion it’s actually clean the heating is either far too high or non existent. Apart from the station staff at Sandbach and the odd team member here and there the staff are extremely rude too.
When I first started university I had a particularly hard time with northern rail.  There was one week I was stuck at a freezing cold station for three days in a row for over two hours a time. On the Saturday night I’d stayed over and when the train going back was over an hour late I made a complaint to the northern rail guy at the station. I wad basically shouted at for the complaint and told to check their website as they had great stats.
First of all there is no way these stats can be true as so many people are dissatisfied with their service.
Northern Rail need to sort themselves out and soon

Somebody Really Smells at Work What Do I Do?

There is somebody at work who smells really bad, it isn’t as if he’s just a bit sweaty he smells as if he’s wearing dirty underwear. He also looks physically dirty all the time aswell. This makes work quite uncomfortable but as it is quite a sensitive issue I don’t know what to do. In my mind there is no excuse for this as we are all adults, should I talk to a manager if so what could they do?

So the Adverts on My Blog….

Earlier today my boyfriend was reading one of my posts when he noticed that there was an advert at the bottom, I was surprised. I’ve had rather low stats recently partly because I’m not writing as much as I used to, but I believe it in part, is due to this. I have not said I wanted adverts on the page and was quite surpried.

It turns out I can’t remove them as I don’t pay for my blog these are there to help with running costs. I just wish someone had let me know sooner.

I am sorry if  they are putting you off but please keep reading!

Bad Day…

This week was never going to be pleasant, I have one day off (friday) and I’m working two full days at the weekend but it didn’t have to start this badly. First it was pouring down with rain even with the aid of an umbrella I was soaked before I walked the 100 metres to the bus stop. Then the bus was 20 minutes late meaning I missed my preferred train by two minutes. And this is all before 8 in the morning. What else could go wrong today?!

Robbie Hance… and Others Who Throw Away Oppurtunites

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may remember me expressing a hate for the X-factor nation but I have been a bit of a hypocrite I’m afraid because this year I have been glued to the TV every Saturday night. Some of these acts do have genuine talent and seem to be working fairly hard.

Last week the viewer saw Robbie Hance a homless young man enjoy a great first audition. This would have been a great chnace to get him off the street and begin a better life. Yet, when he got to boot camp he didn’t even both to learn the words of the song. He’d spent the whole day sleeping. Why would you do that? It’s lazy and a waste of time there are many really hard owrking artists of all kinds out there writers, painters and musicians that never get that kind of oppurtunity, yet they  work hard day after day and don’t give up.

Maybe he should learn a lesson from these people.