Looking for Artists! Of any Kind!

I would love to feature some art – of any kind- in my blog.

The type of art I’m looking for include, but are not limited to:

  • Drawing, paintings, sketches, embroideries
  • Make up, both  beauty and face paints etc (also nail art)
  • Crafts
  • Songs, both written and recordings/ videos
  • Photographs
  • Stories, poems , and other pieces of writing
  • Cake decorations and other food creations

I will feature anything send to be and will put a direct link to any websites/ blogs/ social network pages etc.

If you are interested email me on:



So in February I was going through a fake nail phase when I couldn’t go to the toilet I decided that it just couldn’t continue so they were thrown aware.

My next bit of dabbling was fakelashes well that was more of a disaster. First I just couldn’t get them out of the box, then I couldn’t get the glue on them, and when I did I put them on upside down.

When I finally did have them right I looked like a clown. I kept the box as a reminder…lashes are NOT for me.

And don’t ask me why I picked Kimberley’s I’m not sure what the difference is anyway.