Mad About Manga!

sailor moon

Up until recently I had not read a single page of Manga, but at Christmas this all changed. My boyfriend bought me the first Sailor Moon book. I know, I know this is a little but girly and maybe not what real Manga is about but I have really enjoyed it. I am a number of books into the serious now and decided to purchase the next one today at Waterstones in Liverpool. It was not available, instead I bought a volume of Sailor Moon short stories and the first book of the Absolute Boyfriend Series (reviews will be up soon).

Here are some of the series I really want to get into:

  1. Fruits Basket : I cannot find these books on sale anywhere in the UK! This just looks like the sweetest story and there are a number of volumes. I have read a few reviews and this seems to be very promising.
  2. Are you Alice? : A young boy finds him self in a dream world and it looks like there has just been a tea party. That’s right this is a Manga series based on Alice in Wonderland and there are a number of spin off series too.
  3. Girls of the Wild’s: This just looks like a super fun romance series when a girls only school is suddenly taking in boys. All the chaos that ensues really sparks my interest.

I know I like my Manga sugary sweet (in stark contrast from the type of fiction I normally like) but what do you think will you be giving this genre a try anytime soon?




6 thoughts on “Mad About Manga!

  1. Loved Sailor Moon. Haven’t found a decent copy whilst hunting in charity shops and the like. I really loved the Cardcaptor Sakura series – must go and find my childhood again 😦

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