Reality Star Fiction… Books from Unlikely Sources

Hi Everyone,

I bought Lauren Conrad’s Beauty earlier this year and found it to be amazing help when it came to makeup techniques. As a result I went onto her blog and noticed that she also had a fiction trilogy – one that I have since read a number of reviews on. Here are some of the ones I have since noticed and I may be interested in:

  • The Kardashian’s Dollhouse – This has been out for a couple of years now and a number of my friends bought this at the time. I have read the first few pages on Amazon and it actually seems to be quite decent. This has a beautiful leopard print cover. Reading the blurb this does seem a bit cheesy for instance the sisters involved are called Kamille, Kassidy and Kyle. They are deeply loyal and beautiful too. This may turn out not to be my type of thing at all, but I think it could be a fun read. dollhouse
  • Lauren Conrad’s The Fame Game – I have read some great reviews of her work and after reading Beauty I would be very interested to read some more. This follows on with a character called Madison Parker from the Candy books that she also penned. This looks like a chic easy read that could sit quite comfortably next to the Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes in my collection. famegame
  • Katie Price’s Crystal – There are a number of books created by Katie Price but they are actually written by a Ghost Writer this is a fact that to her credit, she has never hidden. There are a number of books that feature different women with different names coming from various gems. These books have had huge success here in Britain and every book she brings out has great success. This may be the first one I purchase.crystal

What do you think? Would you read a book by any of these reality starlets?


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