Detectives That I Really Need To Get Into Pre 1950s

Hi Everyone,

The inspiration for this post came from an article I recently read on discussing the most famous mystery detectives. I realised that bar Sherlock Holmes I had read none of them. This made me consider the ones I was most interested in and I have picked three that I plan to read in the next year.

  • Hercule Poirot – We have all heard of this detective if you haven’t read Agatha Christie the chances are you have seen some sort of film or television adaptation. The idea of a Belgian detective first created in 1920 intrigues me. The fact he was in 33 novels and more than 50 short stories also gives me lots of reading.poirot
  • Perry Mason – To be honest Erle Stanley Gardner’s detective has intrigued me ever since I discovered that Raymond Burr was the original film actor. I also understand Perry Mason was a very popular American TV show. He first about in 1933 making him 80 years old and I cannot wait to get stuck in.perry mason
  • Philip Marlowe – This is where my Film Noir side shows! This hard boiled detective created by Raymond Chandler is well known in the film circuit and a total of seven books. I have seen the Big Sleep which was the first was written and think I may just load this onto my kindle…litreactor-marlowe

Are there any detectives that you wish to associate yourself with?


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