The Works and The Amazing Deals to Be Had..

Hi Everyone,

I was just flicking through various websites when I decided to check out The Works. If you are not familiar it is a cheap book shop here in England that operates on the high street and online. They are well known for selling ‘Unofficial’ Biographies and huge history fact books. Aside from this they also do dome great deals on fiction. This is not the type of bookshop where you can walk in and everything is there but there is something for everyone.

I noticed there were some huge collections for great prices and thought I would share some of these with you:

  • For Children: Mr Men my Complete Collection this includes all of those glorious books that we know and love – and often collected as children ourselves. This would even be great for the nostalgic adult. This set contains all 47 books for a lot less than the RRP of 117.50, this will set you back just £37.99. Not even a pound a book and it comes in a nice presentation box. mr men
  • For Crime Lovers: The James Patterson Set includes 11 books which titles such as Along Came a Spider and Big Bad Wolf. These books would sell for £7.99 each in Waterstone’s but all 11 cost just £19.99 this is a massive saving. I may actually get these myself.james patterson
  • For Comic Book Lovers: This set contains four original Marvel Stories including Thor,X-men, Spiderman and Captain America. These would serve as great accompaniments to some of the recent films. This also comes with some temporary tattoos but these can easily be discarded. This set is just £9.99 and there is so much to read here it’s unreal. marvel

These were some of the best deals that I found but there are definitely more deals to be had.I have bought from the site before and received my package within less than a week and all the books in perfect condition. As a seasoned E-Reader if I am choosing to go to actual book shop and buy actual books they must be great value for money.

Have you purchased any of the collections mentioned? If so what did you think?


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