Kindle Covers I Covet!

Hi Everyone,

From my blog you may just have realised what a kindle lover I am. I currently have an old battered ladybird cover on mine and I have been looking for a new one. These are really essential if you wish to keep your e reader in top condition. Here are some of the ones I have recently spotted:

  1. I have started with a cheap and cheerful one that retails for just £4.49 the pink cover and white polka dots are adorable and perfect for a girly girl like me. This one fits the Kindle 4 and similar models. kindle cover one
  2. Now this one that I will probably never be able to afford. At £49.99 it costs almost as much as my kindle when it was purchased and an awful lot more than what it is worth now. Still this case looks to be amazing quality, has some great reviews and even a built in light so you can read it in cover 2
  3. This one interested me as this is ultra protective. This is for the type of person that throws everything into a huge bag and is really quite rough with it. This is more of a hard case for the kindle as oppose to a cover and comes in a variety of colours. I have naturally chosen pink. This retails for £ cover three

All of the ones I have shown here are from Amazon but Tesco also sell a number of the ‘trendz’ kindle cases. These come in a number of different colours and designs and generally sell for around £10.


2 thoughts on “Kindle Covers I Covet!

  1. I don’t have a cover for my kindle (it’s two years old and still in good shape). I kind of really want one with a built in light (I like to read before bed but hate getting out of bed to turn off the light), but they are just so expensive!

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