BookTubers: Katytastic

Hi Everyone,

Booktube houses some great bookish channels and I feel it appropriate to give this one a special mention. Kat who owns the channel does not read the same books as I do at all (normally YA books – which I just cannot seem to enjoy) but her energy keeps me engaged.

Not only does she have a great knowledge of authors, NaNoWriMo and anything Korea related Kat is also very honest. Her reviews can be trusted as can her no nonsense take on other book industry issues. Her favourite video of mine is the Bookish Pet Peeves Tag (which you should look for  my version in my blog very soon!). WordPress is saying I can include a YouTube video – hopefully this works!

Do you love Booktube? Who are your favourite Tubers?


4 thoughts on “BookTubers: Katytastic

  1. I was very interested in hearing what she had to say, and he channels looks real cool, but I only made it to 2 minutes before I had to shut her off. (Sorry if she’s your friend, but) Her voice! Omg, it’s just… grating! It’s too bad, too, I always like finding new and entertaining Tubers.

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