Blogging: How to Keep on Going


Hi Everyone,

After my recent hiatus I have decided to write a little post for myself to help me keep on blogging and think these may be helpful for some of you guys to:

  1. Find a Schedule and Stick to It: Make it obtainable. When I blogged last time I was putting up two posts a day. Yes I could do it (and I normally wrote in huge blocks on my days off) but I was putting huge pressure on myself and it meant I had to keep thinking of ideas. This gets hard when you get past 250 posts.
  2. Get a Blogging Notebook: Your blog may be digital but this notebook should be physical. This needs to be easy for you to refer back to. This can be done on the bus to work and you can let your inspiration run wild.
  3. Use Tags: Books tags are one of my favourite blogging tools. It is so easy to get in a review rut. Some blogs are purely for reviews and that is fine but if you want to share your entire book life this is the way to do.
  4. Keep Reading: This may seem extremely obvious but I don’t just mean books here. I mean other blogs, the newspapers, magazines and websites. These will inspire you This also can open real discussion on your blog.

Thank you for reading this and I hope some of these have proven useful. How do you keep blogging? What inspires you? Let me know in the comments below.



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