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Hi Everyone,

Most bloggers, actually an awful lot of readers in general set themselves Goodreads Goals. In case you are not sure what this is, it is a number of books that you will set yourself to read in that calendar year. This counter also shows the number of pages you have read, this is a useful tool as ‘books’ can be anything from short stories to epics – it means you can accurately measure the amount you truly are reading.

I set myself a goal this year – 20 books. When I mentioned this to friends and family they all found this a terribly small amount to target myself on but there is a reason I did that. So many people choose to challenge themselves to 104 books for example. In reality two a week is not a lot – but what about the weeks when you are buried in work/assignments and fall behind a couple of books? Or that whole three weeks when you have a reading slump? You may find yourself picking shorter books, speed reading or reading books you simple do not want to to obtain that goal.

You should read a book because you want to and you enjoy it – not because you feel you need to (unless of course you have to for school purposes). I eventually changed mine to 26 and I have now read 64 books with four weeks still to go – but I enjoyed everyone. If I had set myself 104 I would now feel under massive pressure and reading would no longer be a pleasure but a chore.

Do you participate in the Goodreads Challenge if so what are your goals for 2014?


2 thoughts on “Goodreads Goals…

  1. I love the idea of a book club with monthly readings, and reading goals and all that stuff. But to actually DO it? I barely lasted one month. As soon as something goes into the realm of “have to”, it’s like I just stop being interested. I barely read anything this year, it’s sad. I don’t think I even read 10 :-/

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