Erotica Author: Marc Stevens


Hi Everyone,

Today I will be talking about Erotica and although I will not be too graphic please do not continue reading if you are easily offended.

I have a love hate relationship with Erotica. I love to read it but I hate most of what is out there. I find most of the back stories to be terrible and the sex scenes to be incredibly cheesy. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find some work that is not fetish based, has good believable sex scenes and has a great back story to match. Well I have found an author – Marc Stevens. I tweet him so much and read his blog so often he probably thinks I am some sort of stalker but I just love his work.

The sex scenes although fantastical are also relatable and the idea of the Points Club in which the participants gain points by acting out others fantasies and spend points by others acting out theirs – means that we can get a real feel for the characters. For once they actually mean something!

There are currently six books out in the series with the seventh on its way very soon. My favourite was Candy’s Virgin – this book actually made me cry (with tears). These are short stories as you would expect but they pack a lot of punch.

What Erotica authors do you like and what are your Erotica Pet Peeves?



5 thoughts on “Erotica Author: Marc Stevens

  1. I generally enjoy erotica too, but I need a really good story to go with it (unless I’m just reading what’s known as a “one-off” short story. Laurell K Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series is a good example of the kind of erotica I like. It’s got a handful of steamy sex scenes, but the story is still complex and interesting, it doesn’t rely solely on the sex to make the book. On the other side, Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, for the past few years has gotten lost in the sex and I, along with a lot of her other readers I’m sure, have gotten tired of the pages upon pages of sex with no character development happening at all. Finally in the last two books she’s been moving forward again, but the 5 or so books before that were all about the sex: Anita having sex, Anita complaining about having to have sex with so many different men, new power gained from the sex. That was pretty much all that happened for a while there, and us fans were getting bored. So, all that to say yes, erotica is good, as long as the story is too 🙂

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