Book Tag: Reading Slump…..


This is another one of those tags that I saw on YouTube and decided to take part in. So let’s go.

  1. Are You Currently in a Reading Slump? No but I have just come out of one.
  2. When do you Usually have Reading Slumps and how Long do they Last For? I can have reading slumps at anytime and they generally occur when I am really not enjoying a book I started so I put it down. I don’t want to start another book in this situation as I haven’t finished the old one! Slumps can last anywhere from one week to three months for me – it depends how bad the book was that started it all.
  3. What are your Top Tips to Beat Reading Slumps? Go back to an author you know you really enjoy and that isn’t too much hard work. For instance I would never try a Stephen King book when trying to emerge from a slump as you have to work for those books. Normally I would read a light Chic Lit novel by Marian Keyes or Meg Cabot.

This is a really nice short simple tag (normally they have so many questions) and I tag you all to join. So do you get reading slumps? If so how do get out of them?


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