The Secret of Crickley Hall by James Herbert

As you guys all know I am a huge fan of anything horror and was bought this book a number of months ago and when I finally got to it last week I was instantly engrossed. From the first page I felt a chill and it continued throughout the entire book, the further I was dragged in.

The Story

A family move to Hollow’s Bay in Devon, whilst Gabe is on a job there. He and his wife Eve lost a son around a year ago ( Cam went missing after a trip to the park) and they hope this will take not only their minds but the minds of their two daughters off the whole situation. The dog, Chester is instantly horrified by the are ugly home and spends the entire night howling. Soon there are weird noises and doors that won’t stay closed. What is the secret?

My Thoughts

This book was my first adventure into the world of the late author and I loved every moment. Not only was I scared and horrified I also found myself laughing and crying in almost equal measures.

Great book and highly reccommend.


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