Primark – and why it doesn’t save people money.

We all know and ( some people) love Primark. This is one of the cheapest clothes shops in the country and once upon a time it was not so cool it was known to be just there for people who wanted a bargain. For a lot of people it was also inconvenient as it was only located in much larger cities. They are now on more high streets than ever and more and more people are using them and videos featuring primark hauls are being enjoyed by thousands. I personally don’t understand the obsession with going and buying a load of rubbish that I will never wear. 

I do go into Primark, yes things can be cheap and it is nice the find a cute skirt or top and even some cheapo earrings I can wear for work, but I buy thing I would wear. I don’t spend £200 on items that I will wear once and then dump at the back of my wardrobe. 

People are going the because they think they will save money but you would never go into top shop and but three pairs of shoes you don’t need or ever particularly like, so why do it somewhere else?


6 thoughts on “Primark – and why it doesn’t save people money.

  1. I’ve never understood it either, I think it’s just people wanting to buy a shed load of clothes for cheap, when they could probably buy a decent pair of shoes for the price of three from Primark.
    In all fairness I do like Primark, they occasionally have some gems but you have to sift through millions of tshirts with the word ‘YOLO’ or ‘SWAG’ on them *shudders*.

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