Lots of Books To Donate…

I have gotten to a stage where although I love all of my paperbacks, since I have a kindle I don’t really need them. I plan to keep all my hardbacks and any ‘coffee table books’ but the rest I want to give away to a good cause, however I don’t know where I could take them.

I understand they may not be any good for my local library and I have no desire to see them collecting dust in a charity shop, so where should they go?

I would love some suggestions!


4 thoughts on “Lots of Books To Donate…

  1. There are charities that take books and send them to poor countries and help people to learn how to read, or take the books into schools in poor countries. I don’t know any names right now but I remember attending an event that was collecting books for schools in Somalia last year.

  2. Many libraries use donated books to run book sales to raise money for their supplies and activities. My local library has a book sale twice a year, and puts the money to good use. You might be surprised at how receptive your library would be.

  3. I know you can put things on eBay and instead of you receiving the money, eBay will send it to your chosen charity, so someone will get to enjoy your books and a charity will benefit.

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