Do People Prefer Lengthy Blogs?…


Recently I have been spending a lot of time reading others’ blogs and I have noticed by posts are considerably shorter than most. I tend to write posts that are around 150 words long. I do this as it means it short and sweet but can still have some real content.

A lot of blogs, though are writing pieces that are 500 plus words long, these are also the more successful blogs. Is this what people want? I personally get bored when there it too much read ( I am not very good at reading from a computer screen at the best if times).

I would love some feedback on this and to see what you guys think


21 thoughts on “Do People Prefer Lengthy Blogs?…

  1. I prefer brevity. It depends on the writers. Hemingway could write a fully formed tragic tale with only 6 words. We’re not all that gifted.

    Say what you need to say in as few words as you can. But don’t ever limit yourself in length or concision.

  2. I know what you mean. I prefer shorter posts. I’m not saying the content wouldn’t interest me in a longer post, but my attention span is extremely short and I can’t really sit still for that long…

  3. I usually try and keep my blog posts between 300 and 400 words. I can’t get a rant or a book review done in less words.
    For me, it doesn’t matter how long a blog post is, if it’s interesting I’ll read it whether it’s 80 or 800 words long.

  4. I’ve found that my short and sweet posts – accompanied by a photo – get the most votes. This may be why my book extracts do so badly: They look daunting to someone who’s merely browsing.

  5. It really is not length. Long, short, it doesn’t matter. What matters is depth and meaning. Volume can speak of length, but it can also speak about whether or not your post is worth reading. Note: Just because you feel it is worth reading doesn’t necessarily mean there is an audience. My 2 cents.

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