This or That Tag Part One


This is another tag I have discovered on the world-wide web as there are quite a few questions to answer and I don’t like writing huge blogs I’ll be doing it in parts.
So here we go:
Audio or book in hand?
Book in hand I have yet to ‘read’ an audio book it just doesn’t appeal to me I would get so distracted by other things.
Soft Cover or Hardback?
As much as I love my collection of more expensive books I do prefer paperbacks.  They are cheaper easier to read and they won’t be too heavy in your handbag.
Fiction or Non Fiction?
I may not read non fiction back to back but I love non fiction books just to pop into, just like knowing those little facts that no one else does. If I was to choose though I would have to say fiction there is something so nice about being absorbed in a story.

Fantasy World or Real Life Issues?

Definitely real life issues (that are ever so slightly distorted), I have just never been that into the fantasy world.

Now I tag you!


3 thoughts on “This or That Tag Part One

  1. Definately book (audio has no feel), any cover really, read loads of fiction years ago now its more non-fiction, but it depends on the writer. I love reading a text that is wellwritten, intelligent and elegant 🙂

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