Sexy Young Men…

Following the success of a previous post Sexy Older Men you can find this HERE, I have decided this time to write one based on younger men 25 years old and younger actually so here is my top five:

5) He just fits into this category (he is 25 afterall) but playing the villain in Gossip Girl makes Ed Westwick even more desirable, originally from Stevenage his real voice is actually gorgeous. He is not only handsome but has something that seems kind of dangerous.

ed westwick

4) Daniel Radcliffe not only is he devastatingly handsome he is also extremely clever, rich and posh what else do we need?


3) I have to be honest here I had no idea who this delicious man was until I found him on IMDB recently I’m not into Teen Wolf although I have seen Maid in Manhattan and realised he was the kid. But I was also a kid when it came out so that makes it ok. Right? Anyway here is Tylor Posey enjoy…


2) This one is another British (in fact he originates from the same town as Ed Westwick) wonder with his nice toned body and his bad boy tattoos, I am not surprised he is married to an equally as gorgeous model. It won’t stop us drooling though will it?


1) Let’s face it with such a famous Grandfather Steven R McQueen really had to be this hot and aren’t we glad he is. The face, the eyes, the body and the attitude. Let’s not talk anymore just look….

stevensteven_r_mcqueensteven mcqueen


4 thoughts on “Sexy Young Men…

  1. Apart from Daniel Radcliffe I had no clue who the rest of those guys were 😛 There isn’t enough facial hair on this list!

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