The Quarry…

After discussing an expreimental writing project on my blog and receiving a great suggestion from Alan Halsey, who’s blog can be found HERE I decided to go ahead and write a 500 word introduction to a story called The Quarry. As you guys know from previous writings of mine I am not one to make 25 drafts I just go ahead and write. This is actually the third draft, I may wish to edit it further at a later date or decide to develop it and add to the story here we go:

The Quarry

Brett looked to his right and saw he was still asleep, or unconscious he wasn’t sure which.Once they had found him shivering, in that old dark and mouldy shed they had given him quite a good beating. After that they had tied him up and thrown him into the black leather seat in the back of the car. One question did remain what were they meant to do with? With a love for violence Brett and his brother Brad (their mother had a thing for names beginning with br) they decided the best thing they could do was beat him senseless.

That’s when the prisoner started to move and groan a bit too even though he was gagged he was irritating and was ruining the Cher’s album blasting from the CD player. Brett administered a hard punch to the temples and before they knew it he was silent again.

“Good thinking bro, I really thought he was gonna cause some trouble there for a moment at least now we can get back to Dad in peace. If we ever get back there I don’t know this area at all and I think we’ve we’ve been round this roundabout…”

He couldn’t finish his sentence before he heard a shrill cry rise from his brother’s throat. Brad had only heard this once before and that was when he lost a holdall containing £400000.

The man was dead and their father did not like dead bodies.

William Lovegod was not a man that could be messed with 5 year olds had first discovered this in the playground when he ripped half the hair from a boys head from laughing at his name. He had carried on through life much the same way, as he got older he had to beat people less they weren’t very likely to try something with a 6foot 3 man who weighed over 250 pounds (of muscle, or so he told himself).

He’d met Brianna when she was just 14 and him 26, but her father didn’t approve but what could he do? Where were those boys anyway? They should have been back home a good hour ago.He had things to do, drugs to deal to be more precise and they were bringing the biggest drug lord in history back with them. William knew he had been laying low for a number of weeks due to the police sniffing around, his insider had assured him, the search had now gone to South America, so deals could now be opened.He hoped the boys hadn’t harmed him, if they had, and word got round, William Lovegod could be out of business for a very long time. This did not make him a happy man, and when William Lovegod wasn’t happy he could not be responsible for his actions.



One thought on “The Quarry…

  1. Hey hi. Just wanted to say big thanks for posting on my book. We got 40 or 50 people into the raffle… I’ll call that a rousing success. I’ll be happily handing out copies of The Boon… So yeah, thanks much. All the best. -Uttley ps. good prose.

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