Book Review.. The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of His Window and Disappeared.


I have read a number of reviews on this book as it was huge in 2012 and when it was £0.20 on Amazon I finally bought it. Allan is due to attend his 100th birthday party when he decides on impulse he is going to climb out of the window and run away.

He meets thieves, almost vets, criminal gang leaders and an elephant on his journey and soon the both the papers and the police are after him. We also hear of Allan’s extremely exciting life of walking across the Himalayas, enjoying lunch with Stalin and creating the atom bomb. Every time it seems that it is just impossible for Allan to die and he seems to be surprised by even his own good luck.

This book is good, really good. I don’t why I had been putting off reading it for so long. Not only it is funny it seems fairly historically accurate and the book is just so well written.

Scandinavian authors are really coming into their own at the moment and Jonas Jonasson is no exception. You have probably read from other reviews how good this book is so I’m not going to go into all the reasons why this is great. If you haven’t read it, then why not?

Would I recommend this? Yes

Score: 5/5


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