Book Review… That Girl Across The Hall by Marc Stevens

****EROTICA REVIEW********

Normally I have everything scheduled but if I didn’t make an exception for this post it wouldn’t be out for over a week and that would not be fair. I noticed the author when he posted a Sexy Fruit Post that was hilarious, so as I followed I saw the post that announced his book being available on Amazon today.

Did I like this story? Yes, Yes, YES!

Not only was it hot it was different I’ve never read erotic tale from the male perspective and this made it sexier. Also these people don’t know each other there is none of the over romantic stuff, they just get down to it. I’m glad I wasn’t reading this book on the train as I did gasp a couple of times.

I am not going to go into too much detail as it will ruin it, just read the story.

This was simple good writing it is obvious this man is not only a great writer but has a good sex life too!

Would I recommend it? Yes

Score: 5/5

Tip: if you wish to hot up your love life don’t waste hundreds of pounds on counsellor spend £0.77 on this book instead.

That Girl Across The Hall


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