My New Diary (Small Rant)…


As my blog is doing really well at the moment and I am sticking (most of the time) to my two blogs a day goal scheduling quite a lot in advance, I thought I would buy a good old-fashioned diary. This means I can write quick notes and decided what I will be doing days ahead on the blog. I can also see what I have previously done, meaning I will not complete the same blog twice.

As I didn’t want to spend an awful lot of money I searched Amazon and found this one for £3.40, it’s A4 with a page a day so great value but there are tonnes of mistakes.

Here are just a few:

  • Jaguary is now the first month of the year
  • Czechosolvakia is still a country
  • The Currency Spain use is the peseta
  • There is a country call Cannda
  • And although this isn’t exactly a mistake it tells me the cholesterol level if I eat a pig’s brain.

Then again at least I know why this disclaimer was included.

diary disclaimer


2 thoughts on “My New Diary (Small Rant)…

  1. They are not able to accept responsibility for spelling Canada and January wrong?
    Read: ‘We threw a diary together while drunk, I hope you like it, if it’s wrong don’t complain to us we have a hangover’.

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