A Experimental Piece of Writing…

During the course of writing my blog I have also read a lot of authors blogs and there are hundreds of other writers here. I have an idea that I think could be fun, we all take the same title and write a 500 word short story and see what comes out. I was thinking something really cliche to start with ‘invisable’ perhaps and if people enjoy it, we could go from there.

If this is something you may be interested in, please comment below with any ideas for titles you may have.


4 thoughts on “A Experimental Piece of Writing…

  1. I seem to stay really busy right now, but this is something I would like to participate in from time to time. I like your idea of invisible. Stories on that topic could go a thousand different ways, which is good. A title I might suggest? I think The Quarry could be interesting.

  2. I think that its a great idea! I would love to be a part of this and I have a few ideas, none of which you have to use haha. How about The Stolen, The Concept, maybe a color? Factory workers, could be taken literally or a broader meaning for society, The Library.. Aand I think I’m done.

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