Playing With My Emotions…Disgust

face of evil

Face of Evil Dead Man #1 by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin

As you can probably tell I am just adding emotions to this tag, I think I could happily keep added them forever. When I was thinking of my reactions to books this was the first thing I thought of.

After more than three months of being buried under snow a body is found, when taken to the morgue, a scapel is used to complete an autopsy and the body bleeds. The man is still alive.

Don’t get me wrong I actually really enjoyed this book and as it is quite a long series I am actually looking to reading the rest of them, but some of the scenes are way too graphic.

In the first couple of pages there’s a comment about someones’ peadophilic tendencies, and then someone had there face fried off and another person is turned on my farts. This book is so sordid.

Not for ones with a weak stomach.

Would I recommend though? Yes, just don’t expect flowers and fluffy bunnies.



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