Book Review 50 Sheds of Grey

50 sheds of grey

As you know from reading this blog I am not a huge 50 shades fan so when I found this parody I couldn’t resist.
This book is weird not overly funny just weird it is full (as you can imagine) of sheds and although I got what it was trying to do I just couldn’t get passed the weirdness. I do except this was probably intentional.

This about a guy who has an insane shed fetish and starts a fetish shed company and makes millions, if you are looking for a laugh read it, but don’t pay the £6.99 Waterstones are charging. Ebook it instead.

Would I recommend it? If you find crazy funny.

Score: 2.5/5


8 thoughts on “Book Review 50 Sheds of Grey

  1. I heard about this a few months ago, I think it’s probably better to just follow the Twitter account.
    I really want to read Gin o’Clock, the Twitter account is really funny but don’t know if a book would be bearable.

    • I made the mistake of buying the book because I found the Twitter account hilarious. I think part of what makes the twitter account so good is that it is like having a witty, funny friend whisper in your ear as you watch the news/the olympics/read the paper. The book loses some of it’s charm because of it being, in a way, ‘old news’. Just my opinion though, you may love it!

  2. “I do except this was probably intentional.”

    You’re reviewing a book and can’t differentiate between “accept” and “except” –

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