Playing With My Emotions… Determination

This isn’t actually in the tag but having a good think about it I decided it really ought to be, how many times have we, as readers, enjoyed a book and it’s made us really put our feet down about something?
The book you thing, yes, I can do this.

This book for me would be Jenny Tomlin’s Send Me No Flowers. I have actually written about this author before and I believe this book but, as cliché as it sounds, this did really change my life. I was in a bad relationship that I was only really staying in to prove a point but this book made me realised how bad things could get and the next week I was rid of him and most of the issues that went with it.
I would recommend this books to anyone in an abusive relationship (whether it be emotional or physical) it might just give you the push you need.
I won’t give away too much about this book, you really need to enjoy it.



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