Book Review.. Gravity by Tess Gerritsen


I do not read space books and despite the title (that I will admit was a HUGE hint of what the book would contain) I didn’t expect this to be one. As Gerritsen had spent a lot of time with NASA to make this book as accurate as possible, it was full of spacey terms and at first a bit hard work.

About 100 pages in though I just all of a sudden fell into the book I was at the point where I understood each character and I was getting used to the terminology (thank you glossary in the back of book) and the gory stuff was happening.

Jack a doctor is thinking about his divorce and about to end his shift when he hears of a 15 car pile up and the wife of astronaut is brought in she falls into a coma. The astronaut Bill is currently in the space station and has to come back home, Dr Emma Watson is his replacement and also the woman Jack is divorcing.

Not long after Emma arrives at the space station one of her colleagues contracts a weird illness and soon other crew members are becoming ill. What’s causing it and will any of them survive?

Once I got into the book the pages just flew by, at times this book was a little hard for me to understand. Although I am stupid I do not have a degree in science, and I felt certain aspects could have been described a bit better.

But this book was definitely good, it’s a real nail biter and just thinking that these characters you’ve become attached too will soon die makes it all the  more interested. I also actually learnt something about space travel.

If you like scientific thrillers (if there is such a genre of book) this is for you, but possibly a little heavy for me. It would not put me off Bloodstream which is waiting on my bedside table.

Would I recommend this book? Yes if you don’t mind checking a glossary every now and then.

Score: 3.5/5


2 thoughts on “Book Review.. Gravity by Tess Gerritsen

  1. Sci-fi and Tess Gerritsen I’m definitely picking this one up. I love her Rizzoli&Isle series. I can see how the vocab would be a bit frustrating tho.

    “”Although I am stupid I do not have a degree in science, and I felt certain aspects could have been described a bit better.””

    Did you mean to say you were stupid?

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